Evo Hemp



About Us
Evo Hemp was founded in 2012 to bring high paying agricultural jobs to poor rural communities with the introduction of industrial hemp farming. By establishing a supply chain of U.S. grown hemp, they’re working to revive the countries agricultural system. Evo Hemp is making innovative hemp consumer products more affordable and accessible to the U.S. market. Evo Hemp became the first company to be able to offer U.S. grown hemp foods in 2014. Evo’s product line consists of organic energy bars, hemp protein powder, hemp hearts, hempseed oil, and hemp extracts. Their products can now be found in over 5,000 retail stores nationwide. In 2017, Evo Hemp partnered with Alex White Plume, former Army Veteran and President of the Lakota Tribe. This partnership will highlight how hemp can be used as a tool for economic growth and prosperity in indigenous communities.