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Posted May 23rd

Grading Lab Technician

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Posted May 23rd

Grading Lab Technician






Full Time

Why this Role?

Eterneva's goal is to change the cultural conversation of death, grief, and remembrance for as many people as possible. Eterneva offers a unique customer journey to help transform the grief around the loss into remembrance around what was remarkable about the loved one. We do this through a unique offering of services and products, all centered around the notion that loved ones should stay a part of our lives and should be remembered remarkably.

Eterneva's premier product is memorial diamonds. We transform the residual carbon from cremated remains into diamonds and then set these diamonds in a wide variety of jewelry items.

To support these activities Eterneva is building a production facility in the Kerrville / Ingram area, and we are currently looking for a Grading Lab Technician / Production Coordinator to join our team to handle a combination of responsibilities.

Focus of this Role:

The main responsibilities of a Grading Lab Tech at Eterneva include managing the receiving/delivery of diamonds to our warehouse and to our service providers, the storage of these diamonds, and the labeling system employed in the facility:

#1 Documenting Diamonds: Each diamond that we produce is carefully documented at each stage of the process with all of its properties (Measurements, 4 C's & fluorescence). You will use a series of gemological measuring devices to record each of these properties at each stage of our process, document them in our Tracking System, and then engrave them with a specialty laser-engraver so each one is uniquely identified.

#2 Vault Coordination: We pride ourselves in how we protect our diamonds and keep them safe from mix-ups and outside influences. We have installed a heavy-duty walk-in safe at our production facility where all diamonds are stored when in between stages. Part of your role is to maintain organization of that inventory when it's in the vault. Every single diamond has to be packaged and labeled correctly, the list of which diamond is in which location must be 100% accurate at all times, and when diamonds go to the individual work areas it must be recorded who accepted them and who returned them.

#3 Diamond shipments: We regularly ship diamonds to service-providers (e.g. for coloration on green, red and black diamonds). As part of the inventory integrity function, you will be on point to collect the (correct) diamonds and combine them into shipments with appropriate documentation, receive such shipments and return the diamonds to their vault locations, and document each diamond using photo's and video's as well as predefined forms and computer systems.

#4 Tasks as assigned: In addition to the functions described above, you may be asked to complete a variety of tasks that may or may not be immediately related to the primary job responsibilities. We are a start-up, and all team members are expected to roll up their sleeves when and where required. This should not become more than 40% of overall work-load on a monthly period.

Baseline Responsibilities
  • Document measurements, 4 C's & fluorescence of diamonds
  • Organizing and packaging of individual diamonds into multiple shipments
  • Maintain accurate records of Vault inventory, who has what, and ensure that absolutely 100% of diamonds return to the vault at end of day.

  • Additional Skills:
    • You're mission-driven, want to serve others, and be a part of something greater than yourself
    • You're an incredibly hard worker, love working with people and are self-motivated
    • You're honest and transparent

    How We'll Measure This Role:

    • Adherence to company values
    • Quality of day-to-day work
      • Periodic audits of vault accuracy
      • Audits of collected measurements
      • Verification of engravings
    • Maintained cleanliness and organization of work areas
    • (Lack of) order errors
    • Ability to balance being self starter/self-sufficient and requesting needed guidance/assistance

    Other notes:

    This is a 40 hr/week job, located at KRV-2. Requirements for the position are:
    • High school diploma or general education degree (GED
    • GIA Graduate Gemologist or Graduate Diamonds certification highly preferred, or willingness to attain certification
    • Detail oriented
    • Mechanical aptitude
    • Basic computer skills required