Erstwhile Mezcal



About Us
Erstwhile Mezcal is a boutique importer of mezcal and agave spirits based in Brooklyn, New York.  Whether you are a first-time mezcal drinker, cocktail enthusiast or serious collector, we have been in your shoes and have curated something perfect for you.

We are a mission-driven company.  Erstwhile's mission is to help small, independent, family-owned mezcal producers go global and reach international consumers for the first time.  

Autonomy and fair trade with partner producers are among Erstwhile's core values.  We focus on Mezcal education, knowing that it empowers fellow consumers and mezcal enthusiasts to be confident decision makers.  And because we believe in sharing, not hoarding, knowledge.

Erstwhile is a woman-owned, women-led company.  We are outspoken about elevating women's voices in Mezcal and the broader Wine & Spirits industry.