EG Vodka

About Us

Made with organic wheat and water from one of the nation’s purest natural water sources, Enlightened Grain Vodka is a masterfully crafted spirit that embodies nature in its truest form. Sustainably grown and responsibly harvested, our American-made spirits capture the natural essences and flavors of our carefully selected botanicals. Quality ingredients and superior crafting methods grant our vodka its signature rich, smooth finish and high clarity.

Enlightened Grain Vodka’s unparalleled quality and revolutionary vision is stirring the world of spirits. A liquid renaissance is upon us and EG Vodka is leading the way for a new era in cocktail creation. With our innovative flavor pairings and small batch, sustainably rendered distillation process, our vodka offers clarity, consistency, and quality recognized by esteemed master sommeliers across the nation.

EG Vodka is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. For more information, please visit: EGVodka.com | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram