Earth & Star



About Us
ABOUT US:  Earth & Star is on a mission to deliver the incredible health benefits of functional mushrooms as conveniently and deliciously as possible.  We’ve created a family of products including RTD beverages, ground coffee, dark chocolate and more—to elevate your daily routine with a therapeutic dose of adaptogens for powerful immune support, focus, calm and stamina.  
We are a female-owned and operated brand whose wellness roots run deep.  Co-Founders Erica Huss & Zoë Sakoutis were the creators of BluePrint Cleanse, pioneering the cold pressed juice category and paving the way for direct-to-consumer CPG brands everywhere.  We like to think our specialty is taking what works, (however weird!), and bringing it to you in a way you can understand, that also happens to be totally delicious. 
We believe the Future is Fungi, and we can’t wait to build the team that’s going to help show the world what we can do!