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Posted October 1st

Marketing Manager

Bethesda, MD

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Dress It Up Dressing



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Posted October 1st

Marketing Manager

Bethesda, MD






Full Time

About The Position
We are looking for a creative mind to drive our marketing team - someone passionate about food and health and marketing and messaging. A strong communicator who is eager for an opportunity to make a difference within a fast growing company
Dress It Up Dressing believes that salad dressing should be as healthy and delicious as the veggies it adorns.  We use classic recipes and only the best ingredients.  As a certified B Corps, we also believe in making a positive impact for our employees, communities and the environment. We are a small team of people that love what we do and want you to join us!

Are you passionate about good-for-you food?
Are you creative and looking for a place where you can put that creativity to work?
Are social media and messaging something that just runs in your blood?
Do you want to work somewhere dynamic and with a great team?
Do you care about sustainability and doing something that isn’t just about the bottom line?
Then let us know!

We are seeking a Marketing Manager to implement and grow our brand strategy, someone who can embrace what we’ve built, with the vision to expand it. You should be a highly-motivated, self-driven individual who is excited to spearhead new initiatives and eager to be a part of a small and nimble team.

The Marketing Manager will be responsible for creating and executing multiple marketing strategies: social media channels, field marketing and building in-store relationships and presence. In addition, you will manage Brand Ambassadors and consultants/other outside companies that are providing support for marketing. You will manage and attend, as needed, our participation in consumer facing events. You will gain valuable experience in the daily operations of a small but fast-growing CPG company.  Reports to Founder/CEO.

Your responsibilities will include but are not limited to: 

Brand Management 

  • Create quarterly strategic marketing plan with campaign objectives, tactics, timelines, and proposed budget
  • Identify and execute on marketing opportunities and new online marketing and third party strategic partnerships
  • Own website assets, all visual and branded content of Dress It Up Dressing and execute any website updates as needed
  • Oversee all press opportunities, focus on right strategy and respond to PR inquiries to meet deadlines
  • Organize press database and create press releases as needed to support product launches and special events
  • Work with social media community for branded content for Dress It Up Dressing: blogs, articles, and guest posts
  • Develop key metrics and ROIs to track the effectiveness of each marketing initiative.   

Digital/E-Commerce/Social Media
  • Create Social Media Strategy leveraging key channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) that includes but is not limited to – generating original content, repost content, identifying brand collaborations, developing recipes, creating giveaway offers, takeovers, etc.
  • Work with web designer to optimize e-commerce platform to enhance user experience
  • Process and oversee all e-commerce order fulfillment, both through the DIUD website and Amazon
  • Maintain website related to store locator, recipe management (blog posts), press/media updates and any backend issues
  • Analyze data reports via Google Analytics and Amazon
  • Manage Amazon sales listings, fulfillment and postings of all salable products online
  • Plan and manage the email marketing program to maximize the lifetime value of current customers and convert new customers using automated campaigns, segmentation, and promotions

Sales Support, Retailer and Consumer

  • Working with the Sales Manager, build an overarching in-store branding strategy tailored specifically to each key retailer primarily through in-store demos and digital advertising, etc.
  • Lead and execute in-store demo program, oversee 3rd party demo companies and retailer’s chosen demo companies. 
  • Play role of top brand ambassador and primary educator to on-the-ground demo workforce, while also facilitating smooth demo logistics (proper headcount, product, equipment and payment) and attending a small portion of our in-store demos to get a strong sense of customer perception
  • Create and review branded collateral including packaging  and maintain relationship with key printers, photographers and designers
  • Collaborate with the sales team to create sales presentations, develop brand awareness and product launch plans
  • Develop body copy for marketing and sales collateral including sales sheets, labels, recipe cards, SWAG items etc.
  • In conjunction with the Sales Manager, create consumer marketing campaign and budget for top retail customers to align with trade spend, geographical target and messaging

Special Events

  • Create key marketing materials, couponing program and demo kits to promote a successful in-store program for special events
  • Fulfill sales sample requests, sales collateral requests and plan/support in-store promotion
  • Organize and manage logistics for special marketing sampling events, industry trade shows and tabletop shows
  • Identify and manage event participation for consumer facing events and sampling opportunities 

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor of Arts in marketing, communications or related field 
  • Passion and curiosity about food and CPG industry
  • Highly analytical and detail-oriented, with a proven track record of exceeding goals and reporting on performance and insights
  • 3-5 years’ experience in CPG industry, packaged food CPG experience preferred
  • Excellent communication skills – both verbal and written
  • Ability to prioritize, ask questions, meet deadlines and adapt to the unexpected
  • Through knowledge of social media and creative mind set
  • Analytical and entrepreneurial mindset; able to think big with limited resources
  • Ability to operate in a team environment with a positive and collaborative attitude
  • Experience working in small, agile teams, start-up environment with the founder
  • Knowledgeable in Shopify, Photoshop, Mail Chimp, MS Office/Excel


Commensurate with experience. A competitive base salary with vacation, healthcare benefits and discretionary year-end bonus.  

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Statement

Dress It Up Dressing is strongly committed to the values of diversity, inclusion and equity. Therefore, we are intentional in our practices to be an organization inclusive of ethnic, racial, cultural, gender, age, religious, disability, family status, sexual orientation and socio-economic diversity.

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Bethesda, MD
Function Details
  • Reports To Founder/CEO
  • Direct Reports 8