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Posted January 4th

Social Media Manager

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Posted January 4th

Social Media Manager







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About The Position
About Us
Dose is more than just a supplement. We put scientific knowledge and attention to detail straight into the hands of our customers. The ingredients in our approachable wellness shots are combined in the optimal dosages to benefit the liver, skin, immune system, or muscles. Working with a scientific team with decades of experience in naturopathic medicine, we are setting a new standard for how better-for-you products deliver on functional benefits. We’re a small, highly dedicated team committed to our product and our people.

Role Overview
Our Social Media Manager will be responsible for the execution and management of all social media channels and development. They will cohesively manage our company image to achieve our social media marketing goals. The Social Media Manager will be responsible for planning content, sourcing creatives, and executing on social media strategy. They should have excellent communication skills and be able to express our company’s views and core brand values creatively. They should be able to handle all social media presence, facilitating high levels of web traffic and customer engagement on all platforms.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Conceptualize and lead the planning and creation of compelling content for all social media platforms
  • Lead creative brainstorming sessions with unique ideas for future content production
  • Track competitor trends and community platforms to identify new opportunities 
  • Work with the Customer Service team to quickly and politely respond to customer concerns across Instagram and all social platforms
  • Create customer-focused social media communities by regularly engaging with new visitors and connecting with them to find valuable insights
  • Scheduling out content on a weekly basis to align with social media calendar, business goals and objectives, and writing post copy in our brand voice
  • Strategic execution and publishing of all social content including testing of frequency, timing, and content type optimization (visual content, hashtag keywords, use of emojis etc.) to keep improving social performance.
  • Forward planning around upcoming social media needs surrounding launches, seasonal efforts, or “national days” of celebration.
  • Work closely with the Influencer Marketing Associate to plan influencer outreach, identify and cultivate relationships with influencer partners who share our brand values
Our team values:
  • Commitment to personal and brand growth. Openness to unique ideas, adaptable to new information and data
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced, quickly developing environment where everyone’s input has an impact
  • Data-driven analytical expertise; love working with data to inform strategic action, run A/B tests, and make optimizations
  • Experience in startup environments with tight resources and a focus on making the most with what you’re given
  • Clarity of thought, active listener, ability to differentiate fact from emotion
  • Commitment to building a brand with a need-based, accessible, and science-focused approach, tailored around customer insights
Our Ideal Candidate:
  • 1-3 years of social media management experience 
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills including highly developed presentation skills
  • Experience in an e-commerce environment is a plus
  • Knowledge of Google Drive, Figma, and 
  • Demonstrated proficiency in organic TikTok and Instagram content planning and management
  • Excellent written communication skills and past copywriting experience
  • Thrive in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment, be flexible and take on new job duties
Function Details
  • Reports To Head of Growth Marketing