Dobbes Family Estate/Wine by Joe



About Us
Established in 2002, Wine By Joe makes consistently delicious wine from Oregon’s most established vineyards and distinctive grapes. It’s been our mission to make really good, approachable wine at a really good, affordable price. Wine By Joe takes the cake when it comes to crafting high quality wines for your everyday table. It’s in the notion of gathering with friends, family, and neighbors to enjoy a bottle, a meal and conversation that Wine By Joe finds its roots. By embracing the Oregon spirit in every bottle, Wine By Joe is crafted to be your go-to wine for any and all occasions.

For us, making wine is our way of recognizing and sharing the Oregon spirit. It’s a bottle of wine wrapped up in who we are and how we take care of our people and our planet. Whether the grapes are from our 214-acre estate Sea Breeze Vineyard with its cool coastal influences or sourced from one of our distinctive Oregon vineyard partners, we believe that really good wine comes from really good fruit. With location, elevation and soil types playing such a large role when sourcing grapes, we focus on creating complexity through diversity by blending grapes from Willamette and Rogue Valley. Grapes have a story to tell; we just listen.

Wine By Joe’s vineyard team focuses on sustainable farming practices and producing high-quality fruit. Each day we’re taking steps to evolve our practices at the winery and in the vineyard to produce a sustainable, greener future while crafting honest wines. We have a little something for everyone: Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Rosé of Pinot Noir, and Pinot Noir. It’s that perfect guest you can bring to any party that gets along with everyone — our wines pair best with backyard BBQ’s, live music, trailhead or park picnics, Netflix binges or #WineWednesday dinner parties. Listen to the fine and enticing “snap-crack” of the seal as you twist if off and find fresh wine with every pour.