DIO Cocktails



About Us
DIO is a new line of ready-to-drink, canned cocktails (alcohol-included) and cocktail mixers (“BYOA”). Named after Dionysus, the original party god, DIO offers modern twists on classic cocktails from around the world. Each elixir offers an all-natural, “less guilt” drinking experience sure to bewitch any mortal palate. Our mixers are designed with a simple a 1-1 mix ratio resulting in a Non-GMO quickfire concoction for any hedonist host. Within each canned cocktail is a “double dose of spirit with a splash of sin” (i.e. two cocktails per can) using only premium spirits and ingredients. 
Founded by renowned party planner, Bronson van Wyck and swimwear entrepreneur, Nick Bradley, DIO has reimagined classic favorites with exotic ingredients to create modern-day, epicurean elixirs that are mixologist-worthy and Mt. Olympus approved. Forget what you think you know about canned cocktails and mixers… this is the nectar of the gods.