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Posted April 13th

VP, Distributor Performance

White Plains, New York


Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits

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Posted April 13th

VP, Distributor Performance

White Plains, New York

CHEERS! Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits' currently seeks a Vice President of Distributor Performance to join our team! This position reports to our Senior VP of Business Development and will manage our Meeting Planning function (team of two). The position is flexible in terms of location but the East Coast is preferred.

The primary purpose of this position is to develop and provide oversight for distributor agreements and compliance (working with our field sales force). This position leads DFWS processes for developing, managing and tracking our agreements with key distributor partners to ensure compliance. The VP designs tools, scorecards and audit processes to measure compliance and creates protocols to fill performance gaps. This position is also responsible for managing DFWS key meetings and events through their direct reports (Events). 


Distributor Management & Agreements
  • Develop the Distributor Agreement strategy for DFWS
  • Create a simple scorecard to monitor distributor's compliance and work with all functions on the best way to produce the scorecard monthly
  • Create protocols with field sales on the best approach to communicate compliance gaps and performance issues with distributor
  • Ensure there are plans with field sales leaders to close distributor performance gaps
  • Attend reviews with top distributors and support our sales team's preparation
  • Create an "escalation process" to quickly engage senior management (of both organizations) to address performance issues
  • Complete and annually update our distributors segmentation; define the protocol for our biggest versus our smallest distributors (level of detail of the audits, the frequency of the reviews and who will be involved, etc.)
  • Consistently update Sales and Company leadership on progress against agreements
  • Train sales teams on the application of the agreements to help them better manage their distributors and to take full advantage of everything that we negotiated
  • Lead the future process for negotiating, implementing and transition new contracts

    Business Planning
  • Develop a plan on the page for your areas of responsibilities
  • Consistently review and revises priorities based on your team's results
  • Constantly look for ways to continuously improve operations; Ensure work practices are clearly defined and documented
  • Ensure team meetings are defined as effective (gets stuff done) and efficient (mindful of time as a critical resource)
  • Establish beneficial relationship with influential distributor teams; Gather input and trends from distributors that can be applied to grow the overall business

    Financial Management
  • Create an audit process and define who will conduct audits (and frequency)
  • Ensure that distributor spending requirements are tracked and managed to deliver the performance required; Ensure transparency and reporting on spending levels
  • Ensure DFWS is complying with its obligations under the agreement including transparency on our spending
  • Works with Commercial Financial Managers to ensure financial controls (distributor spending) are in place across the broader Sales Organization
  • Prepare annual budgets and forecasts
  • Maintain team scorecard that tracks performance
  • Develop, implement, and maintain budgetary and resource allocation plans for key events and programs
  • Apply the learnings from the marketing mix study

    People Development
  • Ensure team members understand their job responsibilities with the development of RACI and are clear concerning performance expectations and performance measures
  • Ensure every team member has an IDP (Individual Development Plan) and is working to improve their skills. (has regular 1:1s focused on coaching & development)
  • Instill D1 behaviors in your team with an emphasis on "Motivate"
  • Interacts with direct reports as an opportunity to learn and grow, hear recommendations to inspire and empower for people to do their best work
  • Provide guidance and feedback to help others strengthen specific knowledge/skill areas
  • Hold each team member accountable for performance; act quickly on team member performance issues
  • Coaching consistently with the DFW&S coaching tools to inspire and drive D1 results
  • Seek input and feedback from other team members
  • Regularly review and reward performance on your team
  • Ensure Team members feel valued for their contributions

    Team Development
  • Create an environment where:
  • Team Members feel they can express themselves openly and honestly
  • Team members challenge each other about plans and approaches
  • Conflict is quickly converted into an opportunity to improve team performance
  • Team members treat one another with respect
  • Create a sense of urgency within team to deliver the plan
  • Ensure the team has the right skills to deliver its plan
  • Document team's operating principles (how we work together) and define high standards (how we deliver results)
  • Ensure team meetings are defined as effective (gets stuff done) and efficient (mindful of time as a critical resource). Structured, organized & consistent

    Meeting and Events Planning
  • Plan and manage key events and meetings as requested
  • Manage your team to ensure the budgets are maintained and the events deliver the expectations of the participants and leaders

  • Minimum 10 years of executive management experience in the alcohol beverage industry working with senior-level distributor executives/owners in major markets in the US
  • Strong executive presence and the ability to interact comfortably with distributor principles and senior executives within our company
  • Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent business writing skills. Ability to be concise, precise and thorough with all written communication both internally and with our distributors
  • Highly developed computer skills and expert level ability with excel and powerpoint programs
  • Excellent financial management skills. Thorough understanding of distributor economics, margin structure, pricing structures and local bank management
  • Experience building and maintaining complex performance management systems and scorecards
  • Good understanding of the legalities that govern our industry and experience interacting with counsel related to distributor contracts
  • Strong negotiation skills. Ability to lead negotiations with senior distributor partners
  • Extensive experience in managing the sales function nationally or regionally for an alcoholic beverage company
  • Experience working closely with the marketing function and a thorough understanding of the differences between ABT and BTL investments and benefits and limitations of both
  • Highly developed analytical skills and the ability to review data and quickly draw conclusions including depletions, distribution, rate of sale, syndicated data and case rates
  • Thorough understanding of distributor and supplier inventory management and experience in working with distributors to optimize inventory
  • Undergraduate and/or graduate degree in business or related subject matter 
  • Location
    White Plains, New York