Destination Unknown Beer Company


Production and Manufacturing

About Us
Destination Unknown Beer Company (DUBCO) is located on the South Shore of Long Island in the thriving town of Bay Shore, NY.  As long time passionate homebrewers, we opened a small 1 barrel brewery and tasting room in the spring of 2014.  After a short while and massive public support we began expanding our brand into what it is today.  A 7,000 square foot production facility currently producing more than 20 times our initial capacity on 2 different brew systems, a bustling tap room and beer garden, an eclectic mix of award winning beers, and an almost cult following from our amazing supporters.

Our humble beginnings as home brewers lends itself to our brewing style.  A thoughtful mix of old and new.  We brew a staggering amount of different beers throughout the year.  When we expanded into our larger production system, we kept our old equipment, which now acts as a pilot brewery for innovative new beers.  Seasonality is one of our focuses, with must-have styles like pumpkin beer in the fall, as well as interesting beers such as our hibiscus guava wheat, and refreshing fruited sour beers in the spring and summer.

People always ask where our name came from, and no it's not the Rancid song.  It comes from a never ending sense of exploration and experimentation. World travel and experiencing new cultures has been a passion of ours for many years. The diversity of the world and its cultures lends inspiration to our craft every day. 

Life is about the journey, not the destination. Join the journey.