Desert Door Distillery

About Us
Desert Door Texas Sotol is a premium spirit, hand-crafted in Driftwood, Texas. ‘Sotol’ is both the name of our spirit and the desert plant we make it from. All of the sotol we use to create our spirit is wild-harvested in the West Texas desert. We have two primary offerings: our Original is un-aged while our Oak-Aged is finished in Virgin White Oak. On the nose, Desert Door is a lot like a premium tequila, but that’s where the similarities end. Our Original features notes of orange zest, vanilla and green grass; our Oak-Aged offers up notes of cedar, dried cherries and caramel. Both feature a custard-like finish, smoother than any tequila. If you're interested in trying something truly unique and 100% made in Texas, Desert Door is what you've been looking for.