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Posted October 25th

Northeast Market Manager

New York, NY

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Posted October 25th

Northeast Market Manager

New York, NY






Interview and experience dependent


Full Time

About The Position
About Della Vite 

Della Vite is the world’s first global premium prosecco brand created by the Delevingne sisters.  We’re on a mission to re-shape people’s perceptions of what is often thought of as an ‘entry level’ sparkling wine by offering an exceptional quality product backed up by aspirational lifestyle credentials.

Feedback pre-launch from the trade has been consistent and positive: the arrival of DV will give the category the momentum-shift it’s been crying out for, will inject energy and positivity into the marketplace and most importantly of all, will disrupt the industry in the name of positive change.
Central to achieving these things will be a strong culture, and at the heart of that, a creative and diverse team.
Our ambition is to build the most dynamic and entrepreneurial start-up team in the UK, US & beyond, that becomes a beacon for the best talent in all industries.
We want to build our teams with people who will naturally live and breathe our values, go above and beyond in the name of DV, challenge the leadership team in the name of improvement, and work tirelessly in the name of creating a world-class brand that is good for the world.
We need a blend of experience and backgrounds in the building, but a challenger mindset is the most important attribute, in the pursuit of progress and quality.
With the business about to explode on the world stage it couldn’t be a more exciting time to join as we accelerate the business from ‘start up’ to dynamic global leader in the premium prosecco segment with a target to achieve £28m sales within the next 4 years. 
About the role
This position will be responsible for the day-to-day execution of all sales and trade-marketing initiatives and activities for Della Vite starting in NY and expanding to other markets in the NE
Your core responsibilities involve working to list the brand across a targeted range of on and off premise accounts, visiting customers regularly, developing and maintaining account target lists and keeping a close eye on tracking distribution and the brands performance in market. In addition to this, a focus on keeping up to date with the competitive market landscape is a must. Distributor relationship management, brand trainings and setting up and attending days-in-trade with key members will also be expected. 
This role falls into three main buckets, laid out below: 
I.              Owning the role of Market Manager – and being the DV representative in your region: 
-          Oversee the sales and marketing execution of DV from distribution to account all the way to the consumer. 
-          Works with DV leadership team on planning process and direct brand strategy by collaborating with key distributor sales leads.
-          Align with distributor in managing key activities. Includes region-wide and local market planning/programming and investment, pricing management, distribution objectives, distributor incentives, trade programs.
-          Distributor management:  Build exceptional business relationships, drive brand focus, manage performance and delivery, and provide leading customer service.
-          Oversees brand training activity for DV with distributors, agencies and trade partners.
-          Manage and follow up on programming execution (inventory needs / updates / follow through)
-          Set up market blitz with focus on key account targets.

II.             Trade Sales & Marketing Responsibilities: 
-          Align with Distributor team on driving the execution of DV trade and consumer marketing programs and platforms against a targeted account universe (On / Off / Regional Chains / National Chains headquartered in territory) 
-          Within footprint markets, act as DV’s key contact for a defined list of key target accounts. 
-          Leverage relationship with trade partners to build awareness for DV through education, merchandising, implementation of seasonal programs and sampling experiences 
-          Build visibility through use of POS and proper shelf positioning and in account branding 
-          Leverage Delevingne brand relationship for greater brand exposure and awareness
-          Review program performance and recommends plans to improve.
-          Compile and communicates category, brand and competitive insights.
III.            Consumer-facing activation:
-          Leads/directs consumer-facing events and executions including brand- and market-sponsored events and tastings.
-          Work with local teams and agencies at developing proper brand standards for consumer engagement platforms.
-          Think of creative and cost-effective consumer engagement approach for DV
-          Use networking to target influencers and increase brand loyalty and consumption: Trade (Flagship accounts) and consumers (Key influencers) 
-          Develop social media content leveraging trade and consumer engagement and activation  
-          Work with DV marketing team and agency partner on social media 
-          Leverage Delevingne brand relationship for greater brand exposure and awareness
What we’re looking for: 
-          Someone with 3+ years’ experience of field-sales and account management within the food & drinks industry. 
-          We’re not necessarily looking for someone with alcoholic drinks experience, but the right candidate will have a sound knowledge of the three-tier system, as well as the target accounts Della Vite will be aiming to work with. 
-          Established NY On and Off premise relationships a plus
-          Professional image, positive attitude, diplomacy, high energy and charismatic personality
-          Able to work independently & with high levels of autonomy
-          This role is not a 9-5 and requires flexibility to working evenings and weekends
-          Demonstrated public-speaking, presentation and writing skills
-          Ability to sell, influence and partner with customers and colleagues
-          Ability to manage budgets and provide timely, concise reporting
-          Excellent execution and time management skills; strong attention to detail with ability to take initiative, prioritize and meet deadlines
-          Passion and knowledge of food and wine and understanding of the US drinking culture
-          Clean driving record and good credit history
-          Solid computer skills.  Knowledge of digital networking tools such as Linkedin, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok. 
-          Experience in promotional / guerilla marketing and event execution
-          Bartending experience is also potentially interesting. 

Who we’re looking for: 
The Della Vite people cultures are incredibly important, and all team members that work for the business must represent these behaviours and attitudes at all times: 
We all behave like owners more than employees
We care deeply about DV and it’s mission – most of us wake up thinking about it
This means we work hard, we are driven, we each take responsibility for progress and find out own ways to get there
Everyone sweats the big stuff and the small stuff. 
This is not about going out drinking all the time – its more about tone – having fun, cracking gags. Every time we connect as a team, we celebrate the small wins and the things we’re grateful for. 
DV is run on Slack. It’s buzzing all day. All around the business, around the world. 
Senior leadership play an active role in the day-to-day projects in all departments across the business. 
We have a flat structure; we are not hierarchical. 
Out best work comes from cross-discipline working – sales and marketing, ops and finance are joined at the hip. 
We embrace the disruptive spirit of our brand 
The idea of turning perceptions of Prosecco on its head motivates us
Not all of us are from drinks backgrounds and we’re proud of that, we own it – its pivotal to our success to date. 
We like to shake things up, break convention. 
We can be provocative – we’re not punk, but we are taking on some pretty massive establishments. 
We care about each other and about people generally. 
The team is everything.
We also care about the environment, and the world beyond. 
We all understand that we’re on a journey that hasn’t been travelled before 
Every day at DV is a learning experience for all of us
None of us are as smart as all of us 
No one is precious – we are very open – our founders set the example and our team is the ripple effect. 
Employment Specifics:
Travel:  This position requires some travel and some weekend assignments.
Benefits: Health insurance benefits, Auto insurance benefits. 401K. Personalized incentive program.  
Base Salary: Interview and experience dependent – This is a growth position. 
New York, NY
Function Details
  • Reports To North America GM