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Canned Cocktails

Life Need Not Be Complicated
Premium distilled spirits, carbonated water, and natural flavors are all that go into our canned cocktails. Perfect for any occasion, but Deep Bay canned cocktails are best enjoyed amongst friends and family when you’re in your happy place, a place like Deep Bay. At 110 calories each, you won’t need to feel guilty enjoying our products.

Our Story

While working at Bacardi’s global head office for six years, I developed a great appreciation for quality cocktails. After many years of drinking premium distilled spirits, I couldn’t understand why the ready to drink market was filled with sugary and malt/brewed based beverages. Things needed to change, and over here at Deep Bay we weren’t afraid to take on the challenge to develop the lightest, most refreshing distilled spirits based drinks ever known. We think you’ll agree that we accomplished our mission, and you can now enjoy a new standard in the beverage industry.

-Kevin Albrecht, Founder