About Us
CUPS is an exciting company with a mission to rethink independent business in the specialty coffee industry. Our community gives coffee shop owners access to the only set of tools, services, and savings designed specifically for them. 

We work with coffee shops in cities across the US, and in New York, where we have been active since Spring 2014, our 200+ locations around the city make us the second-largest coffee “chain” after Starbucks.

With tools like our mobile app, which brings new customers into our shops every day, and buying groups, which save cafe owners money on various commodity items, we empower our partners by granting them access to resources that would normally only be possible for a larger corporation.

On the consumer side, our intuitive app helps people discover coffee shops in their area, with a convenient payment platform that saves them money on their caffeine habit.

You can learn more about us by heading to our websites: