Corsa Co LLC



About Us
Corsa, which means “journey” in Italian, is a botanical soda made with only the finest time-tested ingredients from around the globe, allowing you to transport across time and place with every bottle. At Corsa Co., everything we do is guided by our mission: To connect people to people through culture and people to planet through quality ingredients. By showcasing the beauty our cultures and planet have to offer, we become more inclined to be better stewards of both.

Soda is the most universally enjoyed beverage around the world, and while we love the refreshment it offers, we are tired of having to compromise on everything that’s in it. So after exhaustive research, flavor development and testing, we are excited to introduce you to Corsa Co.: elevated expressions that are flavored and colored with only botanical extracts and contain only 5 grams of organic cane sugar per bottle. Come take a journey…