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Posted August 8th

Manager, Key Accounts, Grocery Channel

Toronto, ON

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Corby Spirit and Wine Limited


Distributor and Manufacturer

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Posted August 8th

Manager, Key Accounts, Grocery Channel

Toronto, ON






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About The Position
Under the direction of the Regional Sales Director, the Key Account Manager (KAM) is responsible for overseeing Wine distribution for the broader Grocery Channel Commercial Plan across all tiers of retail customers.
Corby’s portfolio of owned-brands includes some of the most renowned brands in Canada, including Wiser's Canadian Whisky, Lamb's Rum and Polar Ice Vodka. Through its affiliation with Pernod Ricard S.A., Corby also represents leading international brands such as ABSOLUT Vodka, Chivas Regal, Glenlivet, Ballantine’s Scotch Whiskies, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Beefeater Gin, Malibu Rum, Kahlua Liqueur, Mumm Champagne, Jacob's Creek, Wyndham Estate and Stoneleigh wines.  An overview of the entire Corby portfolio shows over 5,000,000 cases sold annually, with Corby being a significant importer of wines and having an approximate 21 percent market share of spirit sales in Canada.

Why work at Corby? Because we are a great place to work! And we’re not the only ones who think so. Corby was named one of Canada’s Best Workplaces for 7 years by The Great Place to Work® Institute Canada, based on employee survey results and an audit of workplace excellence and people management practices.

Under the direction of the Regional Sales Director, the Key Account Manager (KAM) is responsible for overseeing Wine distribution for the broader Grocery Channel Commercial Plan across all tiers of retail customers.   In addition, the KAM is responsible for developing and implementing the sales strategy within a defined portfolio of Grocery Channel Key Accounts.  This role is responsible for the Ontario Grocery Chain and is based in Corby's Toronto Corporate office. 

Key Responsibilities:
  • In conjunction with the Regional Sales Director and the Trade Marketing Team, the KAM oversees the development of the Ontario Grocery Channel Commercial Plan, which includes, but is not limited to activity grids by brand/by sku and by type of activity.
  • Collaborate with the Regional Sales Director, Trade Marketing and the Field Marketing Manager to develop and implement a strategic framework all Grocery Key Accounts.
  • Collaborates with key internal stakeholders, as well as, Key Account customer contacts to develop and execute an Annual Business Plan by Key Account customer.
  • Delivers against Key Account sales targets and other KPIs as outlined in the Annual Business Plan.
  • Defines business fundamentals (E.g. Distribution, Shelf, Price, Promotion and Display) by brand/sku and by Key Account customer and ensures ‘through the line’ communication to the Sales Team. 
  • Regularly assesses performance against business fundamentals and develops plans, in collaboration with Field Marketing Manager and Key Account customer, to close any identified gaps.
  • Works closely with Sales Team through regular (2+ times per month) in-field ‘work withs’ to understand issues and challenges, as well as, current types and levels of competitor activity.
  • Develops and cascades monthly objectives by brand/by sku by and by Key Account customer and ensures they are loaded into ACE.  Delivers an average 95% ’Win’ rate for all closed objectives in ACE.
  • Manages Key Account A&P budget, through regular tracking and reporting of A&P spends, by brand by activity by Key Account.
  • Partners with Field Marketing Manager and Business Analysts for post evaluation analysis of performance of executed plans and programs.
  • Leverage Category Management, as well as, Consumer and Customer Insights to develop competitive advantage.
  • Collaborate and Assist Supply Chain teams with forecasting of promotional items and new listings.
Core Competencies:
Market and Environment
Ability to develop and maintain a deep knowledge of the business landscape and environment evolutions (legal, supply chain, tools…): key players (competitors, other consumer brands companies, key customers, …), distribution channels – including their distinct go to market strategies – and category trends, in order to maximize business opportunities
  • Analyses external market data (including consumers and retailers’ panels) to adjust action plan
  • Understands competitor’s strategy on his / her area of responsibility
  • Makes daily business decisions through the understanding of key growth levers of the category
  • Understands customer segmentation
Portfolio, Brands & Products
Ability to develop and maintain a deep knowledge of Pernod Ricard’s brands and their positioning within the competitive landscape to be able to coordinate portfolio and channel strategy, and to offer adequate solution to stakeholders (customers, consumers, opinion leaders, international distributors, internal stakeholders,)
  • Knows Wine & Spirit universe, and especially PR products, their history, elaboration, production, consumption modes
  • Differentiates our brands & categories vs. competitors’, promoting PR products’ main characteristics, taste and other qualities
  • Executes the portfolio / brand action plan in his/her area of responsibility, applying distribution guidelines
Commercial Strategy & Planning 
Ability to define, implement and get alignment behind a commercial plan, in line with PR Strategy, which considers the short- and long-term view and the characteristics of the local market environment
  • Builds forecast (short- and mid-term) and conducts SWOT analysis based on his/her understanding of market & customer trends
  • Implements main action plans at local level on his scope (distribution channels & customers), taking PR strategy into account
  • Implements consistent trade terms structure and investment level, suitable with customer issues          
Drive for Sales Results
Ability to assess, recommend, implement and evaluate effectiveness of commercial activities (sales force, promotion, account investments,) in order to optimize commercial performance and ensure excellence in execution
  • Sets appropriate business objectives / targets on his/her perimeter and strives to deliver against them
  • Develops and recommends more comprehensive corrective action plans and rolls them out on his/her perimeter
  • Identifies key causes of under performance vs objectives (or over performance) and defines adequate action plans
  • Considers both current commercial activities assessment and his/her deep knowledge of the shopper / consumer to suggest the adequate commercial activities (including the 4P) to be implemented
  • Engage and motivate teams behind the common vision and ensure delivery of objectives
Negotiation Skills 
Ability to manage customers’ needs and requests through appropriate negotiation cycle & techniques, in order to achieve Pernod Ricard’s objectives. 
  • Understands more complex customers’ business stakes and environment (multi-channel, complex organization and processes, buyer demands, supply chain, …)
  • Takes customers objections and influences negotiation process to ensure successful closing
  • Uses the resources and techniques (including persuasive story telling) to reduce the gap between PR and customer’s demands
  • Understands the meaning of customers behavior and reactions during a meeting, and adjusts his/her strategy if needed
  • Manages stress and potential hostility
Influencing & Networking
Ability to establish and develop mutually beneficial and trusting business relationships with key internal / external stakeholders, through cooperation, integrity and with strong interpersonal & presentation skills
  • Gets the right collaboration (& support) and develops influential relationship with key internal stakeholders and customers in line with PR Values, to influence positively the way of doing business
  • Plans regular meetings and actions with customers to develop a privileged working relationship
  •  Comfortably deals with people at all levels of the organization (internal & external)
  • Anticipates potential conflicts and reaches the right stakeholders to try and resolve it
  • Adapts his/her presentation techniques to audience’s characteristics
  • Understands client’s organization and identifies customers’ key stakeholders
Contracts, Prices & Trade Terms
Ability to assess, design, manage, monitor and optimize contracts, consistent prices and trade terms in order to drive PR profitability and sustainable growth
  • Demonstrates a good understanding of contracts structure and framework
  • Knows PR products prices and retail selling price on his/her market and their positioning against competitors’ products
  • Understands the structure of trade terms (incl. GTT) and pricing
  • Gathers data about competitors trade terms and pricing strategies
Consumer / Shopper Insight
Ability to capture and exploit strong consumer / shopper understanding and trends to develop actions appealing to consumer needs (promotion, merchandising, animation, testing, assortment, sales opportunities, outlet activities,)
  • Understands and keeps updated on major characteristics of consumer / shopper profile, motivations and behaviour
  • Understands PR category segmentation within his / her portfolio (basic concepts, trends, ...) and knows the levers PR uses to address them (promotion, merchandising, animation, etc.)
  • Integrates consumer / shopper insight outputs in his/her commercial actions (e.g. provide arguments to KAM ...)
  • Observes and discusses with consumers / shoppers in touch points
Analytical Thinking 
Ability to consider all appropriate information, break things down and determine cause and effect relationships to make effective recommendations and develop operational actions
  • Analyzes multiple information sources, filters and summarizes them and outlines key issues
  • Makes multiple recommendations, weighing pros and cons of different alternatives
  • Anticipates and assesses consequences of several alternative options
Organization & Planning
Ability to prioritize tasks and to manage efficiently time and resources in order to track and optimize the activity in a changing environment
  • Manages his / her working time proactively, managing priorities and respecting deadlines
  • Identifies and recommends areas for improvement in terms of organization
  • Updates the information and adjusts organization in reaction to environment changes
  • Uses planning tools to monitor activities
Financial Acumen for Sales
Ability to integrate revenue and profitability aspects within sales activity to generate greatest ROI within budget guidelines
  • Demonstrates an overall understanding of company’s vision, priorities and financial objectives
  • Demonstrates basic understanding of PR Financial vocabulary (Contributive margin, Net sales, ROI, A&P…)
  • Monitors forecast & results vs the allocated budget
  • Understands volumes, net sales data and product mix implications
Required Skills & Abilities:
  • 5+ years related sales experience, managing a portfolio of Retail Key Accounts.
  • 2+ year related sales experience managing Grocery vertical 
  • Previous consumer packaged goods or beverage alcohol sales experience would be an asset.
  • University degree with a focus on Business, Finance or Marketing would be ideal.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with prior experience in building strong customer relationships and a history of delivering against sales targets.
  • The candidate must live in the GTA or be open to relocation to Toronto
  • Some overnight travel required - 15%

We welcome and encourage applications from individuals from all groups, including aboriginal, women, visible minorities, and persons with disabilities, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, creed, family status, national origin, age and gender.   

Corby Spirit and Wine Ltd is committed to providing accessible employment practices that are in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code. Should you require accommodation during any phase of the recruitment process or wish to view our accommodation policies, please contact the Human Resources Department at

Thank you for your interest in Pernod Ricard and its subsidiaries, Corby Spirit and Wine Limited and Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd. All resumes submitted will be reviewed by our recruitment team and kept on file for six months in consideration for this and future opportunities. Please note that only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. Please do not contact provincial offices directly as all recruitment is coordinated through the Corporate Office in Toronto.
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Toronto, ON