Condesa Gin

About Us
A micro-batch gin, hand-formulated and distilled in México City. Ginebra para el alma

Condesa is a premium gin from Mexico. It was born to bring to the world a modern Mexico. A Mexico beyond sombreros and agave. Wherever you are, Condesa leads you by the hand through Mexico City’s streets, its flavors, its creative landscape and its cultural traditions.

Named after La Condesa , a leafy oasis in the heart of Mexico where ivy climbs over art deco buildings and tree lined avenues lead to sun faded street corners. Where old meets new, calm meets vibrance, shade meets dappled sunlight. El hogar de la condesa.

Batch distilled in the first Micro distillery right in the heart of Mexico City. Led by Maestra Destiladora , Hillhamn Salome, who oversees an all female team. Regional botanicals are selected for their traditional curandera uses, and sustainably sourced in Mexico.