Compass Box Whisky Co.



About Us
We are Scotch Whiskymakers, here to bring joy to people’s lives by making the world of whisky a more interesting place. 'Whiskymaker’ is a word we invented – you won’t find it in any dictionary. To us, a Whiskymaker is someone who feels a need and an obligation to make things better – to ask questions, to challenge, to experiment. At Compass Box, there are no rules for making or drinking whisky. Ever-curious, we keep our minds open to new possibilities. Compass Box was launched in 2000 by Whiskymaker John Glaser. Since then, we have continued to grow and now have two blending rooms at our home in London, a team of 20 working internationally and stocks of maturing whiskies in Scotland. 

We believe Scotch whisky is one of the world’s great drinks. We are here to build a transformational and enduring brand to help ensure Scotch whisky stays this way for generations to come.