Coconut Cartel



About Us
It all started back in 2013 when the first luggage full of coconuts was smuggled from El Salvador to the US via Miami International Airport. Brother - Sister duo Mike + Dani Zig founded the brand to bring fresh, raw coconut water to the market at time when pasteurized, tetra-pak’d coconut water was the only option. Coconut Cartel has become a staple Miami brand at high-end hospitality venues and the go-to instagram branded coconut. After years of partnerships with premium spirits brands, the siblings saw an opportunity to expand the product line to include another one of their favorite beverages - aged rum. Today, Coconut Cartel seeks to destigmatize coconut rum by creating a truly unique product that blends together premium aged Guatemalan rum and fresh coconut water; not neutral spirits, sugar and artificial flavors. 

Mike Zig, Co-founder of Coconut Cartel explains, “Premium Rum is finally having its moment in the sun, and the timing couldn’t be better to launch a fresh new face in somewhat a dull space. We are excited to change people’s perception of what they think rum is (hint: it’s not just what you chugged in college).”

Coconut Cartel is one of the fastest growing rum brands on Drizzly, and is currently distributed in 13 states, 2 international markets and online nationwide. 
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