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About Us
Building Better Brands.

Cobalt Brands is a family owned, New Jersey based manufactuerer and importer of luxury lifestyle brands., located minutes outside of Manhattan.

Cobalt is dedicated to introducing, promoting and marketing superior quality craft spirits to alcoholic beverge enthusiasts and knowledgeable consumers throughout the country.

Our Flagship brand is USQUAEBACH, pronounced (oos:Keh:bah) which is a Scotch Whisky with origins since 1877. The Usquaebach Whisky has had a cult following in the United States since the 1970’s.

Our other spirit brands include the worldwide distribution of Conjure Cognac a lifestyle brand introduced in the United States in 2012. Cobalt is also the exclusive US importer for Malecon Rum, a hand crafted spirits in the traditional Cuban method.

Cobalt Brands is also a manufacturer and distributour of fragrances including Royal Lyme a fragrance with origin in Bermuda dating back to the 1950's.