Coalition 100% Rye Whiskey



About Us
Coalition Rye Whiskey is a brand-new luxurious Kentucky 100% Rye Whiskey finished in select Bordeaux wine barrels. The liquid is distinguished, truly authentic and scarce – it has now been vetted by the top whiskey experts. There are 4 SKUs including 3 types of Bordeaux Barrels finishes plus a Barrel Proof version. Proprietary rich looking bottle reminiscent of timeless Art Deco concepts. Coalition retails for solid $90 in several most important US markets.
Distributor of record is Park Street and this enables Coalition to be quick and clutter-free while maximizing dollar commission for your work. Core focus is premium Off premise channel and selected On Premise if/when appropriate. Overall emphasis is on quality of work seeding the brand and building long-lasting relationships in the marketplace.