Coalition 100% Rye Whiskey



About Us
Coalition Rye Whiskey is a brand-new beautiful and ambitious Kentucky 100% Rye Whiskey finished in select Bordeaux wine barrels. The liquid is valuable, truly authentic and scarce – it has been vetted by the top experts. There are 3 SKUs, depending on type of Bordeaux barrels, all in 750 size. Proprietary rich looking bottle reminiscent of timeless Art Deco concepts. Coalition will retail for solid $90 in several most important US markets.
Distributor of record is Park Street and this will enable Coalition to avoid any bureaucracy and clutter while maximizing commission for your work. Core focus is premium Off premise channel and selected On Premise if/when appropriate. Overall emphasis is on quality of work and not volume at any cost.
Planning to launch sales to accounts in October this year.