Cliffton Dry



About Us
Cliffton Dry is naturally fermented using the prosecco method, instead of grapes, Cliffton Dry is made from fresh apples. Our low sugar sparkling has a light, clean palette, with citrus, pear notes, soft round bubbles, and a slight apple note to the finish. Cliffton Dry offers a low-alcohol (5.5%), low-sugar, gluten-free, contemporary alternative to prosecco, which is higher in sugar and alcohol.  Our sparkling makes the perfect stand-alone refreshment, or a more modern approach for mixologists, looking for an all natural sparkling wine. 
Positioning: Cliffton’s target audience love our back-story of our founder, a New Yorker that is originally from Cape Town. Our every-day bubbly uses all natural, sustainable best-practice farming methods.
Our audience is a 25 – 55 year old, middle to upper-income individual, living in affluent urban centers, comprised of people who have travelled, have a sophisticated palette (sushi, mediterranean food, seafood, desserts) and are interested in products that authentically, support organic and sustainable initiatives. Cliffton’s target audience attributes are adventurous, free-spirited, cosmopolitan, multicultural, environmentally aware, who strive to live a healthier and fitness-oriented diet. This demographic is willing to pay for premium products that resinated with their lifestyle.
Tested in the Market
  • Secured premium accounts such as Whole Foods & Total Wine Prestigious Key accounts such as Cafe Benoit, The Pierre, Rosemary’s, Claudette’s. 
  • Mixologist Approved. Selling in the sparkling section by the glass and 1/2 bottle, and at least two cocktails. Development of new SKU’s underway. 
  • Distribution In Place for NY, FL & CA