About Us

About Cheers

Cheers is a brand that exists at the intersection of alcohol and health. We have named this category "alcohol-related health." Our core belief is that alcohol is a good thing — and by creating products and sharing knowledge centered around your alcohol-related health, we can empower our customers to lead happier and healthier lives.

To our knowledge, Cheers is the most successful alcohol-related health company in the United States. Since officially starting Cheers in 2017, we're proud to have:
  • Sold 18m+ doses of our products to a growing base of customers, which today stands at 400,000+ people.
  • Co-invented novel technologies with a leading Ivy League university to improve upon the bioavailability of DHM.
  • Appeared on Shark Tank, The Washington Post, Buzzfeed, USA Today, and more.
  • Reached 50m unique Americans an average of 10x each (500m impressions) on Facebook/Instagram alone.
To date, Cheers has raised $2.3m from venture capital investors, and most recently raised an additional $1.8m from ~1,600 private investors through a Regulation Crowdfunding (RegCF) campaign. Since its launch in 2017, Cheers has driven $35m+ in revenue through cheershealth.com and amazon.com. In 2020, Cheers posted its first profitable year and covered all prior losses in the process. Currently, Cheers drives revenues of $8-10m annually with an operating margin of around 10-12%.

While Cheers is a digitally native brand, the next frontier for the company is retail expansion – aiming for Cheers to be available anywhere alcohol is sold.

The Company We Keep
We believe a thriving culture is about working alongside people with mutual respect & trust toward a common goal. Our culture is the main reason we consider ourselves a truly exceptional company, and it's our people who shape and grow it. We're proud to have assembled a team whose collective passion and ambition make no task seem too lofty and implement creative solutions to adapt to the changing DTC/retail landscape. We're always looking for people to join our team who have the same motivation to keep moving the ship forward and get excitement from learning new things and improving their skillset.

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