About Us
At Chareau, we are passionate about quality and authenticity. We focus all our efforts on the creation of beautiful, delicious drinks that are all-natural, light, and refreshing using local California ingredients.
We are driven by passion and perseverance to create the perfect taste experience
Our many years of experience in the hospitality and service industry have taught us that excellence takes passion, perseverance, and love. Our people embody these qualities in all that they do, making every effort to leave every moment, and every place, better than we found it. Personal accountability, care and proactivity show in our ways of working and our results. 
We thrive on transparency
Like our liquid, our team cherishes transparency, openness and authenticity. We are a small and agile family striving for excellence, and we thrive on creativity, ingenuity and our mission to reenergize the world of spirits.
We look beyond to see potential others don’t
At Chareau, we see potential where others don’t. Our quest for flavor focuses on what lies beneath the aloe leaf at its heart. In the same way we believe in human potential. We offer an environment that is open, inclusive and asks nothing more of you than to be your very best self in service of our customers each and every day. We believe actions speak louder than words, and we value commitment, dedication and hard work, core features of our Founder’s ancestors who farmed the land for generations.
From the people to the ingredients to the experience - together we put California in a Bottle for the whole world to enjoy.