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Posted June 10th

Northeast Division Manager - Carriage House Imports, LTD.

Springfield, NJ

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Posted June 10th

Northeast Division Manager - Carriage House Imports, LTD.

Springfield, NJ








Full Time

About The Position
This applicant will be managing the portfolio of Carriage House Imports brands in the Northeast USA region.
Primary Territories: NY, NJ, MD, CT, PA, MA, VA, DE

Secondary Territories: RI, ME, NH, VT, WV, DC

Compensation: $100,000 plus Annual Bonus

Full Benefits: 401k, Health/Dental/Vision Insurance, Car Allowance, Expense Package

Preferred Residence: New York Metro Area (near Springfield, NJ Headquarters)

Regional Travel: 50%+

Job Responsibilities: Trade Work, Market Pricing & Analysis, Market Programming, Distributor Management, Account Management & Trade Support, Sales Meetings, Event/Tradeshows, Promotional Events, Ride Withs, Bi-Weekly Office Recap Meetings, Developing Regional Marketing Campaigns, Distributor Inventory Management, Managing Market Budgets

Job Description: The Northeast Division Manager will be responsible for growing and expanding our on and off premise business for our flagship brands of Verdi Spumante & Sparkletini Flavors, and Figenza Mediterranean Fig Vodka. This growth and expansion will be in collaboration with our state/regional distributors through pricing, programming, sales meetings and planning meetings. This position requires being a team oriented self-starter with a motivation in brand building. We are looking for someone who understands and will thrive in a unified work environment to achieve the desired sales objectives.

Required Skillset: 7+ Years Industry Experience, Regional Sales Management, Ample Travel Time, Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Data Analytics, Management and Presentation Skills, Strong Oral and Written Commutation Skills, Excellent Interpersonal Skills, Strong Time Management Skills, Distributor Pricing, Distributor Programming, Budget Management, Ability to Work Independently, Relationship Management

Function Details
  • Reports To V.P. of Sales