About Us
For wherever your adventure takes you. 

CANTEEN Spirits is an Austin-based, ready-to-drink cocktail brand specializing in refreshing, low-calorie, spirits-based canned cocktails. CANTEEN Spirits' portfolio of premium RTD cocktails includes CANTEEN Vodka Soda, available in seven flavors including Black Cherry, Pineapple, Strawberry, Watermelon, Cucumber Mint, Ruby Red and Lime; CANTINA Tequila Soda, which is offered in three delicious flavors including Watermelon Margarita, Grapefruit Paloma and Ranch Water. The newest edition, CANTEEN Gin Spritz, is available in three light and refreshing flavors including Blossom Gin Spritz, Citrus Gin Spritz and Ruby Gin Spritz. Made with all-natural flavors, and zero sugar, each line boasts an impressive list of better-for-you alternatives in their ingredients and approach, making it the better drink choice for any occasion.