Can-Tini Beverage Company

About Us
Can-Tini is a canned Espresso Martini that combines premium vodka and espresso to create a delightfully tasty ready-to-drink beverage. 

Why Can-Tini? 
When you’re looking to kick things off with a little extra umph, or keep the fun going in a night you hope never ends, the espresso martini might be the perfect cocktail.

The Espresso Martini has an infectious magnetism. 
There’s a moment at any occasion when someone orders an espresso martini. Someone in the group overhears the order and chimes in, “that sounds good, I’ll have one too.” 
When a tray of espresso martinis comes out to a table, heads turn, and the next thing you know, everyone around the table has an espresso martini in their hand. 
We want to recreate this infectious moment with Can-Tini. We call this the Can-Tini effect, and it’s a real-world viral moment. 
Can-tini is enticement in a can.

What's in Can-Tini? 
Can-Tini is made with 6X distilled vodka, Arabica Espresso, and infused with nitrogen, which gives the drink a head of foam and creamy mouth feel that espresso martini connoisseurs have come to love. Can-Tini is dairy-free, gluten-free, and made with non-GMO ingredients. It's low sugar and low calorie, but big on fun!