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Posted November 10th

Digital Engagement Manager – Influencer & Advocacy Marketing

New York, NY

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Posted November 10th

Digital Engagement Manager – Influencer & Advocacy Marketing

New York, NY






Full Time

About The Position
General Description of the Role
The mission of this role is to accelerate and strengthen Campari America’s Influencer and Advocacy marketing practice by fostering consumers' brand engagement through strategic partnerships with influencer talent. From discovery, to purchase and ultimately brand loyalty, the Digital Engagement Manager will define and deploy the influencer strategy along consumer and shopper journeys. This role is instrumental in building a seamless consumer experience across a connected digital ecosystem, developing, executing and testing through owned and earned media while collaborating on paid activities.  
The Digital Engagement Manager reports to the Digital Marketing Director and works closely with the category Brand Managers, other specialist roles (e.g. Brand PR and Events Manager, Social Marketing Manager, Media Manager, CRM Manager), and external influencer agency partners.
Key Responsibilities and Activities
Thought Leadership & Strategic Guidance  
•       Develop and deploy influencer best practices across full portfolio of brands
•       Drive strategic planning process by tying relevant performance metrics back to campaign objectives and standardize KPIs across influencer agencies to improve attribution and clarity on influencer ROI
•       Leverage social listening tools to identify and activate new tribes for advocacy
•       Consistently monitor competitor activities and track content engagement
•       Improve transparency into Influencer paid media process by clearly delineating what portion of paid media performance is driven by Influencer content
•       Establish consistent process on contract templates, contract reviews, compliance tracking, content rights and management
•       Partner with agency to publish influencer trends and competitive reporting
•       Own test and learn digital agenda, recommending activities to advance brand objectives across short, medium and long term  
Day to Day Execution
•       Partner with agency to develop the influencer brief framework for brand input
•       Consult with Brand Managers in defining goals & objectives for paid content creator campaigns (i.e. brand awareness, brand loyalty, website traffic and sales)
•       Define Influencer Selection process to identify diverse collaborators and content creators based on brand objectives
•       Partner with agency to find influencer with strong presence across multiple social media platforms (e.g. combination of reach and engaged followers)
•       Ensure governance around the vetting of influencers to ensure no controversial statements or content is attributed to them (conduct background checks), ensure their audience is LDA compliant and obtain legal approval
•       Ensure proper creation of influencer contracts, inclusive of budget, timeline for asset delivery & posting dates, content rights, exclusivity clause, clarity on details of ownership, FTC disclosures
•       Advise Brand Managers on content reviews and adaptations
•       Monitor influencer content performance & make recommendations for boosting, whitelisting and paid support based on campaign objective (awareness, conversion)
•       Connects influencer agency and media agency on end-to-end content management to have influencer posts queued and published 
•       Setup conversion tracking methods via UTM links, unique promo/registration codes, custom hashtags, etc.
•       Manage branded content & partnership approval tags within social platforms
•       Provide agency with clear direction on deliverables and evaluation parameters on formal campaign performance recaps & recommendations
•       Review influencer campaign recaps to make accurate content campaign comparisons across portfolio and effectively track progress against benchmarks
•       DISCUS Report completion  - ensure agency partner is accurately and consistently reporting LDA compliance of influencer content exposure among media audiences
•       Maintain file of influencer contracts, rights & clearances regularly to ensure content is viable
•       Define process of ongoing talent relationship development and tracking how relationships convert into concrete and measurable events like visits, introductions, mentions and eventually leads
•       Partner with agency to create Advocate Activation plan informed via social listening and prioritize tribes & advocates by evaluating reach potential
•       Vet pool of advocates to down-select to pilot finalists (not associated with an establishment that sells alcohol)
•       Define key objectives and select KPIs to measure
•       Set learning agenda & manage pilot execution to refine strategy
•       Select gift for advocates and oversee agency send out of packages that include prompt
•       Oversee program costs for gift package creation, fulfillment, social listening
•       Scale Process for full portfolio rollout
•       Experiential Activation
•       Ensure agency maps out influencer activation plan for live events 
•       Provide on-site consultation to PR/Events team at experiential activations where influencers are present to ensure brand messaging in represented in live content capture and help conduct interviews 
•       Work with brand & media team to determine budget recommendation for Influencer marketing considering brand needs, key power periods and occasion objectives
•       Collaborate with Corporate Comms, Group Communication and PR to define the "crisis management" policy and mgmt. of responses/contents on social channels related to influencer activities

Experience Required
•       5+ years of experience in implementing and managing influencer and advocacy marketing campaigns, guiding online content production/adaptation and deep knowledge on best practices across influencer-preferred media platforms (Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, Podcasts etc.)  
•       Proven experience delivering outstanding results in consumer acquisition and engagement by delivering growth in conversations around the brand and growing an active consumer database
•       Relevant experience in FMCG, with experience in Spirits/Beverage being a strong plus
•       Ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic team environment
Education / Professional Qualifications
•       Degree in Business Administration, Marketing or Communications 
•       Digital Marketing Certifications preferred 
•       Solid knowledge of digital marketing and leading social media networks (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok)
•       Previous experience using the following tools:
•       Social listening and publishing platforms (e.g., Sprinklr, Socialbakers, Hootsuite and Brandwatch)
•       Google analytics
•       Content performance management tools (e.g., CreativeX, DAM platforms)
•       Strong analytical skills, including previous experience leveraging and assessing data for key online insights (e.g., social listening, sentiment analysis, KPIs, like mentions, hashtag, engagement rate, reach) and content efficacy assessment (e.g., visibility, engagement rates, formats, lengths optimization rules)
•       Excellent agency management skills
•       Excellent verbal, written communication, and presentation skills
•       Result-oriented with strong commitment and ownership towards achieving goals or assigned targets
•       Entrepreneurial mindset and autonomy within a collaborative environment
•       Strong interpersonal, communication, and influencing skills
New York, NY
Function Details
  • Reports To Sr. Digital Director