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Posted April 13th

PR & Marketing Manager

Los Angeles, California

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Posted April 13th

PR & Marketing Manager

Los Angeles, California






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About The Position
CALIWATER is looking for PR & Marketing Manager, to join our rapidly growing team. 
The PR & Marketing Marketing position is an exciting and unique opportunity to join our team. This position is responsible for leading brand PR & marketing activities and managing multiple marketing programs surrounding our Caliwater Cactus Water line. You’ll be the expert on key marketing initiatives and PR initiatives.
The ideal candidate will demonstrate superior project management skills in all facets of the pr/marketing mix in order to help support Caliwater’s sales and growth goals. They will also bring passion and a can-do attitude to our small but rapidly growing team. 
Created with passion, love, and a clear mission in mind, Caliwater hopes to promote healthy, eco-friendly lifestyles and to make the world a better place. With up to 75% of Americans being considered chronically dehydrated, Caliwater offers a tasty, yet healthy alternative to water that also presents numerous benefits for health and well-being. Each can contains just 25 calories, and is Kosher, Vegan, and non-GMO, making it a beverage that can truly be enjoyed by everyone. For the adults, Caliwater also serves as a fantastic mixer for alcoholic beverages, and helps to prevent the dreaded hangover that follows a night out. Currently, Caliwater comes in two delicious flavors: Organic Prickly Pear and Organic Prickly Pear with Ginger and Lime.

Caliwater’s goal is not only to provide health benefits to our consumers, but also to raise awareness about the fight against childhood hunger. Partnering with No Kid Hungry, a charity working to put a stop to hungry children, Caliwater pledges to donate 5 cents for every can purchased, with the goal of donating $1 million by April 2022. While childhood hunger has been a lasting issue, the pandemic increased the number of children facing food shortage or insecurity, exponentially. This makes our support more crucial now than ever. No Kid Hungry works to provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the millions of children who need it. So, consumers can enjoy Caliwater knowing they are doing good for not only themselves, but also for the world around them!

Core Values
  • Authenticity - Authentic human connections will help quickly foster relationships with buyers and our team! Bring your passion, personality, and rock-star attitude with you every day!
  • Persistence & Relentlessness – Rome wasn’t built in a day! For every No, there is a YES waiting. Be Relentless. Be Persistent! Results will follow!
  • Uplift & Encourage - Leave every interaction brighter than when you found it. 
  • Mission Driven – It is bigger than just you. We aim to change the world one healthy sip at a time!
Required Job Duties and Responsibilities:  
  • Accountable for managing a variety of pr & marketing initiatives that drive brand awareness, trial and distribution.
  • Assist in the development of annual, long- and short-term marketing strategy and plans.
  • Generate plans-of-action that grow market share, brand awareness and growth.
  • Work collaboratively across functions (Marketing, Sales, Operations) to ensure successful and on-time execution of marketing initiatives.
  • Collaborate and support the sales team to provide best-in-class retailer specific merchandising and shopper marketing materials as needed for new and existing distribution growth opportunities.
  • Ensure that brand guidelines are followed and maintained at all times.
  • Build and manage strategic relationships with key agencies and vendors.
  • Keep a pulse on market trends, consumer markets, and competitors to recognize challenges and opportunities.
  • Other duties assigned
Education and Certifications: 
  • BS/BA Degree (Business/Marketing preferred)
Work Experience: 
  • Minimum 3-4 years of experience as a CPG Brand PR/Marketing Manager 
Skills & Capabilities: 
  •  Strong understanding of the marketing mix, with ability to recommend effective strategies and objectives to management
  • Knowledge of project management principles; discipline of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to achieve specific goals
  • Self-motivated with a strong desire to make an impact
  • Ability to work in conditions which include multiple priorities, extended work schedules and specific time constraints
  • Data-driven and comfortable with metrics and spreadsheets
  • Superior communication, leadership, and teamworking skills
  • Not afraid to wear multiple hats - no job being too small or too large
Los Angeles, California
Function Details
  • Reports To Founder & General Manager