C Pure Solutions LLC - d.b.a REWIND CBD and VICES Beverages


Production and Manufacturing

About Us
Rewind CBD produces and manufactures high quality, artisanal CBD health and wellness products using all-natural, sole source 99% pure CBD isolate and artisanal ingredients – crafted by experts who care.

With the highest quality ingredients and relentless dedication to promoting the benefits of CBD, we create products with accurate potency in every dose while using artisanal ingredients to ensure quality and consistency in every product with one goal in mind: to introduce and distribute artisanal premium CBD products to new and experienced users in a safe and transparent environment and expose them to all of the health benefits of CBD.

Rewind CBD products help to reboot your system and give you a restored sense of calm and focus to take on tomorrow. Our products intend to refresh your mind, realign your body, and reawaken your soul using the powerful benefits of CBD.