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Posted November 8th

Field Market Representative - Bruxo Mezcal/Casa Santa - Houston OR Dallas, Texas

Houston, TX

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Bruxo Mezcal


Production and Manufacturing, Manufacturer, and Supplier

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Posted November 8th

Field Market Representative - Bruxo Mezcal/Casa Santa - Houston OR Dallas, Texas

Houston, TX




Entry Level


Full Time

About The Position
The Field Market Representative is dedicated to brand building, education, key account programming with volume driving activities for the BRUXO Mezcal portfolio.
BRUXO Mezcal was born from the dream of a group of friends who found in Mezcal the reason to work for the best and the most authentic of Mexico: its people, its communities, its traditions, its culture and, of course, its distilled maguey craft spirits that are made in an artisanal way with respect, passion and honor by Mezcal masters, agave masters and communities. The team is made up of talented, entrepreneurial and committed people, who work both in the city and in the fields of rural México to share with the world the magic, mysticism, ancestral heritage, and the stories and people behind the great diversity of Mezcal and the distilled maguey craft spirits that come from diverse regions of  Mexico.
Position Summary
The Field Market Representative will focus on forming essential relationships with industry influencers and will act as an expert in trade affinity, outreach and the agave category. The role will serve to increase brand awareness & recruit amongst target consumers, drive menu placements, lead staff & consumer tastings, support the local sales & distributor team and serve as an agave and brand expert at all industry events. This position will be a local contact and face of the brand.

Major Responsibilities / Accountabilities
Key Account Management, Trade Outreach & Engagement
  • Grow relationships in influential and high volume on and off-premise accounts
  • Conducts regular visits to assigned accounts and identifies opportunities to drive volume
  • Drives awareness and sales of BRUXO Mezcal portfolio  in assigned accounts by developing and securing programs including menu placements, drink features, well opportunities, and on the back bar
  • Inspire accounts and bartenders to become advocates of our brands
  • Secure cocktail and menu placement to drive volume in key accounts
  • Develop and execute brand programs to grow brand awareness
  • Create Mezcal specific cocktails for key accounts
  • Regularly interact with distributor salespeople to enhance brand distribution, presence, and sales
  • Work with and nurture relationships with local bartender organizations and trade & restaurant associations
  • Maintain a professional social media presence to positively represent the brand
Education – Agave Category & Brand Specific
  • Serve as an expert for the BRUXO Mezcal portfolio and agave category
  • Educate trade and distributor/importer partners on the benefits of the BRUXO Mezcal portfolio
  • Support sales division teams with distributor meetings (GSMs), works with and trade events
  • Include agave category expertise and mixology in educational events to reinforce brand benefits
  • Assist in identifying & executing local events
  • Execute off-premise in-store tastings and on-premise activations
  • Support national brand programs and activations as required
  • Act as a local contact for the BRUXO Mezcal portfolio as needed
  • Act as brand voice on social platforms, supporting all brand initiatives, maintaining brand standards and brand voice
  • Proactively complete administration duties including budget tracking, expense reporting, providing market data & recaps and submitting survey responses to identify key learnings, competitive and local market insight as well as future program recommendations
  • Tracking and measurement of established Key Performance Indicators (KPI monitoring)
  • Weekly status calls to share accomplishments and competitive activity in the market 
Job Requirements
  • Expert spirits knowledge – including an understanding of the brand's landscape and mixology
  • Must possess in-depth understanding of on-premise account universe in the market for which they are applying as well as the state / federal regulations that apply
  • Must have a passion for the Mezcal and agave category
  • Strong written, verbal and public speaking skills
  • 3+ years industry experience in the on-premise – bar manager, bartender, mixologist, field sales, broker and/or brand representative, preferably in the agave category
  • Must be reliable, responsible, high energy, and outgoing
  • Entrepreneurial mindset, motivated self-starter with a competitive edge, outgoing, articulate and charismatic
  • Must have a current valid US driver's license
  • Must be able to lift at least 30 lbs
  • Must be 21+ years of age
  • Willingness to work weekends and late-night hours as needed
  • Bilingual-Spanish is a plus
  • Ability to travel to Mexico and other markets as needed
Casa Santa is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, disability or protected veteran status.
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Houston, TX
Function Details
  • Reports To Sasha Calabro, National Sales and Brand Manager