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Posted January 11th

CDL Driver Class A

Upper Marlboro, MD

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Posted January 11th

CDL Driver Class A

Upper Marlboro, MD






Full Time

About The Position
  • Maintain quality control in every account delivered by checking code dates and rotating all beer delivered in storerooms and walk-in coolers. Deliver all supplier products in a First-in / First-out method.       
  • Maintain cordial relations with all retailers and their staff. At accounts where cases must be pre-cut, you must pre-cut the cases before delivery outside the store. Our products should be stacked in a safe and neat manner in the area it is assigned by the retailer. At the direction of the Region Sales Manager or Pre-Seller, the Driver is required to build displays in the accounts where needed. 
  • Will be required to pick up all trade returns (empty kegs, pallets, and exports) promptly.
  • Will, upon request by the Regional Sales Manager, pick up old or out-of-date product.     
  • Should drive and park the delivery vehicles in a safe and courteous manner. Do not block driveways, gas pumps, entrances, or exits.
  • Are required to verify the accuracy of the load on his/her delivery truck prior to leaving the warehouse with either the Driver Manager or the Warehouse Manager.Must check with the Driver Manager or the Warehouse Manager each morning before leaving the warehouse. All Drivers must report to work on time and be on the road thirty (30) minutes after their starting times. The only exceptions are breakdowns, load changes, or a supervisor’s instructions to the contrary.
  • Driver, as well as other employees, will comply with all Company policies, rules, and regulations, which are subject to change as times and conditions warrant.
  • Are responsible for the products loaded on their trucks, load sheets, invoices, and money collected for daily settlement. They must collect for all invoices, unless prepaid, at the time of delivery. Make sure that licensee or agent signs the invoice. Mark each invoice “Bill Paid”. All product must be kept secure (locked) at all times except when actually taking product off the truck to fill an order. It must be re-locked between deliveries into an account.           
  • Must double check delivery invoices and payment to ensure against mistakes (i.e.: incorrect count, wrong packages, no signature on check, wrong amount on check).         
  • Must call Operations before leaving his/her last stop and upon returning to the warehouse.           
  • Must check with the Warehouse Manager to verify his/her load as soon as he/she returns to the warehouse each day.     
  • Check-in procedure is as follows:
 (a)   Turn in all money, tickets and load sheets.
 (b)   Verify and confirm with the warehouse what is being brought back and ensure that it is properly reflected on the iPad.
 (c)   No Driver is to leave the Check-In room before his load, tickets and money are verified by the office. 
  • Responsible for maintaining hand trucks. Report deficiencies such as worn tires, cracked frame, etc. To the Maintenance Department. Drivers must replace lost or missing hand trucks at his/her own expense.          
  • Will keep truck clean. Be sure all trash is removed from your truck cab and bays before you are finished for the day. Drivers will wash their truck upon returning to the warehouse when signage is posted to do so.         
  • Will complete a Vehicle Inspection Report morning and evening. Original Vehicle Inspection Report to be given to Driver Manager and copy to remain in the truck while on duty.  
  • Accidents must be reported to the designated person(s) immediately. If unable to reach the designated person(s), contract the Operations Departments. You must complete the accident report form found in each truck as soon as possible and it must be turned in to the designated person(s) as soon as you return to the warehouse.     
  • Must have in their possession a valid Class A Commercial Driver’s License.       
  • Not allowed to ride any unauthorized passengers at any time in a company vehicle.          
  • Must be in complete Anheuser-Busch authorized uniform as provided by Bob Hall. Driver is required to obtain and wear steel-toed shoes at all times.    
  • Must each day refuel, check oil, water, and tires on the truck to which they have been assigned.   
  • Are required to participate in all surveys, contest, and placement of P.O.S material when requested by management and complete Impact Sheets.          
  • Are responsible for keeping themselves neatly groomed at all times; professional appearance is to be maintained.
  • All driver personnel are required to carry Supplier/Partner Code Date Cards at all times or have the digital app on phone. Bob Hall provides cards to every employee at the beginning of each new year. 
  • All driver personnel must adhere to Bob Hall and Supplier/Partner Rotation Policies.       
Upper Marlboro, MD
Function Details
  • Reports To Mike Hudson