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Posted June 10th

Merchandising and Product Promotions Manager

Marietta, Georgia






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Posted June 10th

Merchandising and Product Promotions Manager

Marietta, Georgia






Full Time

About The Position
BIOLYTE®, the IV in a Bottle® | 404-821-0111
Core Values: High Performance | Family | Understanding | Proactiveness | Adaptability

BIOLYTE is the first liquid supplement that offers the same benefits of IV rehydration therapy, but in a drinkable form. Our founder, Dr. Rollins, wanted to create a product that would bring the IV bag home to his wife when she was going through breast cancer. He used his experience in the hospital tailoring IV bags to his patients needs, to create BIOLYTE, the first IV in a bottle.

Merchandising and Product Promotions Manager - Marietta, GA
Responsible for developing and executing merchandising and promotional plans that helps foster word of mouth and builds BIOLYTE’s brand reputation as the best recovery supplement. This person will research and create fitting promotional opportunities (ie. coupons, point of sale, co-branding, buy-one-get-one, end-cap, etc.) and submit them for approval 60 days in advance.

Definition of Success: Execute 20 merchandising and/or promotional campaigns that speak to customers that may have headache, nausea, fatigue due to dehydration.
  1. Responsible for all aspects of BIOLYTE’s merchandising and promotional efforts
    1. Come up with creative ways to get BIOLYTE in the hands of new customers that may have headache, nausea, fatigue due to dehydration at the store level
    2. Understand the chain c-store, grocery store, liquor store, and pharmacy landscape and their subsequent promotional calendars
      • Ex: Yellow tag program at Kroger, seasonal end cap program at Healthmart, etc.
      • Appreciate the different needs of a pharmacy versus a c-store versus a grocery store versus a tradeshow etc. 
    3. Order and manage the inventory levels of all BIOLYTE merchandise and promotional items (ie. points of sale, premiums, etc.)
      • Find vendors and compare cost of materials
  2. Partner with both the Sales and Marketing Teams to ensure we will get the most (ie. brand exposure, eye balls, opportunities for word of mouth) out of all merchandising and promotional initiatives
    1. Communicate the needs of the Sales Team to the Marketing Team and vice versa ensuring that we do not encounter any communication “silos”
    2. Create exciting merchandising and product promotions sales decks that the Sales Team can use to sell category managers on running a promotion with BIOLYTE
    3. Be proactive and make sure all promotional opportunities are submitted 60 days in advance to the Sales Team

  • Traits: Highly Organized, Creative, Excellent Communicator/storyteller, Aesthetically Driven, Extreme Attention to Detail, Analytical, Cutting Edge, Flexible, Quick. 
  •  4+ years of experience with CPG and/or OTC merchandising and product promotions
  • Deeply knowledgeable of all types of promotions (ie. coupons, point of sale, co-branding, buy-one-get-one, end-cap, etc.)
  • Skilled with Microsoft Office and/or Google Office (ie. Excel, Google Docs, Word, Google Drive, Calendar, etc.)

  • Work in BIOLYTE’s Marietta, GA office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; work remote Mondays and Fridays
  • Some travel will be required for specific promotional and merchandising roll outs

Benefits and Perks
  • Growth potential within our rapidly expanding company
  • Flexible vacation - take when needed
  • Company paid healthcare for all full-time employees
    • Health (100% ER “Employer” Paid), Dental (100% EE “Employee” Paid), and Vision (100% EE “Employee” Paid)
  • Company paid long term disability for all full-time employees
  • Company paid life insurance policy for all full-time employees
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Fun, supportive company culture

  • Base depending on experience
  • Bonus
    • Bonused Quarterly 
    • Dependent upon performance and company culture metrics
Marietta, Georgia
Function Details
  • Reports To Director of Marketing