Berckmans Spirits, LLC

About Us
Berckmans Spirits, LLC is an Augusta based spirit company that owns Berckmans American Vodka and Fruitland Augusta Vodkas. Both brands honors the legacy of PJ Berckmans who came to American in 1850. His farm, Fruitland Nurseries in Augusta GA was the largest Georgia Peach farm of his time where he planted over 3 million peach trees in his life time. He passed away in 1910, and his property was eventually turned into the most famous golf club in the world. Berckmans’ original family residence still remains on the course and serves as their clubhouse today. Berckmans Spirit, LLC is grounded in our core spirit of service, accountability, and professionalism. We offer a vibrant and flexible workplace for individuals who want to develop a career that makes them feel accomplished and engaged in our community.
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