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About Us
BEER NUTS Brand Snacks is a family owned and operated company based in Bloomington, Illinois.  BEER NUTS exists to profitably feed the marketplace so we can cultivate great people and perpetuate the business.  Our foundation is rooted in our strong Midwestern work ethic, values, and community. We see challenges as opportunities. We are accountable to the organization and each other. We have experienced accelerated growth under the direction of the 3rd generation President. We create distinctive snacking experiences while focusing on quality and safety. We succeed by aligning the enterprise and executing our strategic plan. 

Our secret family recipe has its roots somewhere in Bloomington, Illinois, smack-dab in the middle of the good ol’ US of A. Russell Shirk packaged peanuts and other specialty nuts for the family restaurant/confectionary and two local liquor stores. With a catchy name and smart distribution, word got out and over a half-century later, the Shirks are still selling ’em across the land. In fact, we still produce all BEER NUTS products at our 100,000 square-foot facility in Bloomington. We think you’ll agree that the unique sweet & salty taste continues to be beer’s best match.