BC Merchants



About Us
BC Merchants is a distributor of the highest quality boutique and niche brands. We have a comprehensive portfolio of spirits, catering to the craft distiller and cocktail. We are proud to know the families and the stories behind each brand we carry. BC Merchants is a committed organization of salespersons who work closely with the best restaurants, bars and liquor stores in Chicago and throughout Illinois.


We have been building strong relationships with both suppliers and retailers since 1999. BC Merchants is well known for our extensive knowledge of spirits.  Our passion is in the whole experience of meeting the people, listening to their stories and learning the process of how they produce their brands.  We travel the world to visit the distilleries and get to know the people who tirelessly craft the spirits we love to represent.  We pride ourselves on communicating this story and educating those around us, while building the brands here in our market.  Our customers have come to rely upon the knowledge of our sales team who work closely with each account to create the best possible liquor programs.


In addition to the sales team, we have a dedicated group of individuals who execute off-premise tastings, an extremely important vehicle in promoting brand recognition. Once they learn the unique details of the brands, they are in the aisles educating and promoting! The aisles are where brands are built as we work shoulder to shoulder with our retail accounts, supporting them and promoting our portfolio.  The tasting program is a vital aspect of our business; it is a machine that truly builds brands.


BC Merchants is very selective in the brands that we bring into our portfolio, sourcing small batch, artisanal spirits. Furthermore, we believe in synergy and look for brands that compliment one another.  Our customers have much more reason to come to us when we have a number of products that work well together and fit their needs. This comprehensive approach offers our customers a fun and convenient experience and assures them a well-rounded range of spirits to choose from.  BC Merchants is proud to offer the best in fine spirits from around the world, including our back yard, and to know the stories behind each bottle.


Thank you for your interest in who we are and what we do,


Brian Ciske and the BC Merchants Team!