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Posted April 13th

Entrepreneurial Sales Manager

Los Angeles, California

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Bart and Judy’s Bakery


Promotions and Events and Production and Manufacturing

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Posted April 13th

Entrepreneurial Sales Manager

Los Angeles, California




Senior Level


$100K + performance bonus


Full Time

About The Position
We bake and sell the best "Grab-n-Go" bags of natural chocolate chip cookies (as well as oatmeal, peanut butter, and triple-chocolate!) on the planet. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the person who is organized and can help make it happen.

The challenge: You must be able to reach people in a creative way and "break through" to the decision-makers.

The easy part: Everyone loves our cookies, they sell well through multiple channels, and they have great margins!

We have two product lines: one of 4 SKUs for the mass market, vending, foodservice and c-stores, and one of 4 SKUs for coffee shops, cafes, travel and amenities, etc. We have put grocery distribution aside.

Compensation: $100,000 plus generous bonuses (after 90 day evaluation)

If you have industry contacts, you are already on your way to success!
About Bart and Judy's Bakery:
Bart and Judy’s is a 20-employee production baker of the highest quality natural chocolate chip cookies ever produced for commercial sales. 

We are unique because we replicate a fresh-baked, home-made chocolate chip cookie and package them to fit healthy, active lifestyles. Our mission is to propagate happiness on a massive scale.

We are seeking a can-do, motivated individual to help us expand and manage growth.

Los Angeles, California
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