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Posted February 12th

Cookie Liquor Salesperson - New Jersey

Madison, New Jersey

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Bakesale, Chocolate Chip Cookie Liqueur



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Posted February 12th

Cookie Liquor Salesperson - New Jersey

Madison, New Jersey









About The Position
Bakesale is a 40% ABV Chocolate Chip Cookie Liqueur that is made from real cookies that is made for shots and for cocktails. We are looking for a talented and experienced salesperson to launch Bakesale in the NJ market.
Bakesale launched in New York and has been growing extremely quickly, so we are now seeking a salesperson to launch Bakesale in the New Jersey market, with a specific focus on areas near the larger Colleges and Universities in New Jersey.  Your primary initial focus will be college bars and bars that cater to young professionals in New Jersey as well as the liquor stores that surround those bars. 

Our mission is to replace Fireball and Jagermeister as the best-selling flavored shot. We will be able to do this because Bakesale has more alcohol (40% ABV vs. 33% ABV) at the same price ($18-$20/750ml) and because it tastes like cookies (which everyone loves) instead of cinnamon or herbal funkiness (which people tolerate).

Compensation is a base salary of $25,000 + $42 per case sold, including re-orders.  For cases sold above 85 cases in a month the commission becomes $18 per case. For reference, see the table below for cases sold per month and the resulting annual salaries based on the compensation structure.

Cases Sold/Month | Total Annual Compensation
50 = $50,200.00
75 = $62,800.00
100 = $69,640.00
125 = $75,040.00
150 = $80,440.00

We are looking for an experienced salesperson in New Jersey to:
·      Obtain meetings with decision-makers at bars, restaurants, and liquor stores.
·      Pitch Bakesale to decision makers at these accounts.
·      Negotiate and oversee implementation of promotions and support for Bakesale at these accounts ensuring that our promotions and support are being delivered properly, that the accounts are happy with them, and that the support is driving sell-through.
·      Maintain and grow these relationships and accelerate sell-through of the product.
·      Co-ordinate ride-alongs with Distributor to new accounts.
·      Help manage training of Distributor representatives.
·      Run 2 tastings per week in off-premise accounts (one on Friday and one on Saturday)
·      Occasionally oversee off-premise tastings run by our brand ambassadors and provide feedback and guidance to help them improve their presentation of Bakesale to customers.
·      Schedule and run staff trainings on Bakesale in bars, restaurants, and liquor stores that carry the product.  These will ensure that the employees within accounts that carry Bakesale truly understand the product and are teaching their customers about it.
·      Stay informed and knowledgeable of customer and consumer trends around Bakesale.
·      Provide weekly reports on sales activities.
·      Provide feedback on effectiveness of marketing and sales initiatives.
Qualifications must include:
1.     Experience in sales of alcoholic beverages.
2.     Entrepreneurial mindset and high level of motivation.
3.     A love of cookies is optional but highly encouraged!

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Madison, New Jersey
Function Details
  • Reports To Founder and CEO