Ark Foods



About Us
Ark Foods is a venture-backed, leading brand of high-end vegetable products. We combine farmers market product selection with commercial agriculture methods. We’re like Dole, but for millennials. Delicious. Clean. Sustainable.

The first vegetable we made popular was the Shishito Pepper, and we are now the largest producer in the United States. We have successfully marketed and scaled other unique veggie products, and this is just the beginning. You can now find the Ark Foods brand in leading national supermarkets and distributors nationwide.

We operate farms and processing facilities up and down the East Coast, ensuring transparency and traceability, starting with the seeds we use. This vertical integration allows us to stay true to our purpose – to feed vegetable curiosity to everyone, everywhere.

Why You Should Work With Us

Ark Foods is a modern-day farming company that creates simple, fresh, and exciting food. We’ve built a stellar team, based in Brooklyn, NY, that is equally passionate about growing vegetables (the ultimate food) and building a business that reimagines what it means to be an agriculture company. 

Currently, we’re laser-focused on managing our own East Coast farms that grow imaginative produce like the Shishito Pepper or the Honeynut Squash, and creating our fresh and totally plant-based Veggie Bowls in an array of delightful flavors. And we’ve got big plans for the future. 

Our ideal candidate will feel passionate about our core commitments: 

● Vegetable experimentation: We love vegetables for their universal nature and creative potential. We’ll continue to dream up and grow unique vegetables varieties that you won’t find elsewhere – it’s part of our unconventional approach to food, and commitment to creativity in all we do. 

● Total supply chain transparency. We own our entire ecosystem and directly employ our operational team members. This allows us to guarantee total food traceability and that all of our employees, from our HQ to our farms, are equally valued as part of the Ark Foods family. 

● Accessibility. We absolutely love vegetables and believe everyone should have access to clean, healthy food. We’re committed to accessible price points, growing our nationwide availability, and developing initiatives that further this commitment.