American Liquor Co


Production and Manufacturing

About Us
This is the first and only vodka blended like a fine Whisky from all 4 classic vodka ingredients: wheat, rye, potato, and corn.

Unlike any vodka you’ve tasted before, American Liquor Co. Vodka is a multilayered spirit balancing the prominent notes of each ingredient in one glass. There’s nothing neutral about this spirit.

We start with locally grown Winter Wheat, Light Rye, Rio Grande Potato, and White Corn. Each is handcrafted by one of our Distiller Partners, some of the finest craft distillers in the Midwest. It’s then artfully blended by our Co-founder and Master Blender, Chris Montana.

American Liquor Co. Vodka is a melting pot of the best this country has to offer. This one-of-a-kind vodka could only be born in the USA.