Amante 1530

About Us
Amante 1530 is a new amaro from Italy, a product developed by seasoned industry professionals launching in the USA in October 2023!

During our launch phase we will be seeking Market Managers throughout the USA. Our company is based in New York City, we are remote-work based . We offer competitive pay and strong benefits. We're seeking highly motivated, self-starters to join the team and make Amante America's favorite amaro!

The Product:

Amante is Italian for "lover". It also heralds a new era of Amaro, elevating the art of Italian spirits. Everyone deserves a great love; an affair of the heart and mind and a great summer cocktail to capture La Dolce Vita.
A new amaro, a new spirit of Italian love, Amante will add new inspiration, love, and passion to your life.

Amante is imbued with aromatic herbs, candied fruit, cinchona, rhubarb bitter-sweet flavor with candied notes with a sweet bitter and orange peel flavor profile, producing a liquid of 15% ABV with a golden hue. Amante takes the spirit of the great legacy amaros and adds a new twist with more sophisticated flavor profile appealing to a wider demographic.

The origins of the Il Palagio property and estate can be traced back to 1530. Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler, first came across the estate in 1999 and set out to lovingly restoring the estate to it former glory. They are only the third owners of the famed Il Palagio estate and consider themselves caretakers of the property, maintaining it for the next generation of owners.

Under the Il Palagio maison, Sting & Trudie have developed numerous Italian specialty products and even opened up their own restaurant and farm shop on the property. Amante 1530, while its own independent business, was developed, conceived, and guided by the history of the Il Palagio estate. Il Palagio is the Maison. Amante 1530 is its flagship and first stand alone product positioned to become a global brand.

The Mission:

When you look at the bar, you see heritage brands, brands that invoke luxury, sophistication, elegance, and most importantly, permanence. Belvedere, Patrón, Macallan, Tanqueray, and of course, Aperol and Campari. Amante will sit right alongside these brands. 

Amante 1530 is not a celebrity brand and Sting and Trudie aren’t celebrity faces of this brand. They are investors, inventors, believers, owners, and the glue bringing together the estate, the liquid, and the history.

We are aiming to build the next great heritage brand—one that will have a place on every bar in the world for generations to come.
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