Production and Manufacturing

About Us
Altstadt is a one of a kind very unique brewery unlike anything else in Texas. We are located in beautiful Fredericksburg in middle of the Hill Country.

We are a state-of-the-art brewing company using top-notch German Brewing equipment, applying the latest brewing technology to traditional brewing practices resulting in consistently brewed world-class beer.
We produce our beers with close attention to quality and drinkability using only the finest malts and hops available in the world.

All our beers are brewed with the purest most pristine water available coming form our own deep well.

Altstadt has additionally an Old World direct-fired copper brewhouse from Kapsar Schulz Germany. This enables us to truly brew authentic old world beers and unique specialty beers. We ferment those beers in our open fermenters something that is rarely done in the world today.

Beers brewed in that time honored labor-intensive fashion are exceptionally smooth tasting. You can expect some of the finest specialty beers ever brewed.