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Posted December 27th

Field Sales Manager

Elizabeth, NJ

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Posted December 27th

Field Sales Manager

Elizabeth, NJ






Full Time

About The Position
The Field Sales Manager has primary responsibility for developing, directing and supervising a team of 7 – 14 Allied Beverage Group Sales Representatives.
The Field Sales Manager has primary responsibility for developing, directing and supervising a team of 7 – 14 Allied Beverage Group Sales Representatives.  This responsibility is divided into three major areas:  sales planning and administration for sales team: directing and controlling the activities of Sales Representatives; personnel development, training, and motivation.
Field Sales Managers are also charged with responsibility for key account development as assigned by the Division Sales Manager.  This position requires interfacing with the Customer Service, Credit, Warehouse, and Purchasing Departments, as well as Suppliers and Customers. 

  • Recommend to management deployment, territory assignment, routing, etc. of Sales Representatives.
  • Establish territory and account objectives with the team’s representatives in accord with corporate and divisional goals
  • Specific Brand
  • Shelf and cold box management
  • Floor management
  • Product Mix
  • Distribution, including new item sales
  • Account development
  • Sales promotion, merchandising and marketing (including wine lists and well items for on-premise accounts). 
  • Plan, with Sales Representatives, specific account strategies and tactics.
  • Schedule and make regular field contacts with each member of your sales team minimum of 2-3 days a week.
  • Maintain up-to-date coverage planner for each Sales Rep’s run.
  • Ensure the Sales Rep’s maintenance of active and up-to-date files for each account
  • Ensure that Sales Rep’s reports (including account and activities) are submitted and reviewed in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Ensure that weekly and monthly performance reviews are conducted and appropriate actions are taken.
  • Conduct formal reviews semi-annually.
  • Conduct Team Meetings to communicate and reinforce divisional sales priorities, issues, and opportunities. 
  • Effective use of sales data and sales reports to monitor and direct the efforts of each Representative. Analyze performance of Sales Reps in the following areas:
    • Sales skills
    • Distribution levels
    • Out of stock conditions
    • Coverage and coverage productivity
    • Objectives accomplished
    • Distribution and use of display and point of sales material
    • Sales volume
    • Implement orientation training program for all new Sales Reps
    • Communicate training progress reports for each field contact.
NOTE:  Training objectives along with a suggested plan of action.         
  • Reinforce every aspect of the Allied Beverage Sales Training and Development Program in the field using field coaching and counseling.
  • Determine performance needs for all sales personnel.
  • Participate in sales meetings and training sessions as requested by management.
  • Conduct periodic workshops to enhance the team’s skill development or sales priority success.
  • Field Sales Managers are responsible for calling on specific accounts as assigned.  Objectives of the key account calls are as follows:
    • To gain in-depth knowledge of retailers’ commercial behavior and personality and the role played by our brands and our company.
    • To present major programs and services offered by Allied Beverage i.e., Priority Focus Brands, new product presentations, food menu marketing, drink menu lists, promotions, wine lists and wine by the glass concepts. 
    • To build positive trade relations with assigned accounts.
    • To optimize the position of our brands within the accounts, including correcting any unfavorable conditions, through direct action as well as in coordination with the Sales Reps.
  • Field Sales Managers are responsible for establishing and visiting a geographically concise group of a minimum of ten accounts that can be seen in one day by a supplier.  The accounts should be inspected prior to the supplier survey.  The objectives of the inspection are:
    • To evaluate the Sales Rep’s in-field execution in terms of brand standards for that suppliers’ brands. 
    • To identify objectives, by account, so that the Sales Rep. may correct any deficiencies in brand standards prior to the market survey.
    • To verify that the Sales Rep. has taken agreed-upon, corrective actions in the account prior to supplier survey.
  • Review weekly diver reports to track progress on the following:
    • Priority focus brands
    • MSA 3
    • Dollar volume by Sales Rep.
    • Individual initiative markers for the division
    • Complete a field contact at the end of each work-with. Review with Sales Rep., distribute one copy to manager, retain one for your file, and give one to the Sales Rep.
    • Complete other special reports as assigned by division Sales Manager.
  • Maintain files by:
    • Sales Rep.
    • Key Account
    • Sales Rep. route book

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Elizabeth, NJ
Function Details
  • Reports To Director of Sales
  • Direct Reports 7-14