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Posted November 4th

Director of Global Sourcing & Business Development

Federal Heights, CO

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Posted November 4th

Director of Global Sourcing & Business Development

Federal Heights, CO




Senior Level




Full Time

About The Position
Company Name: Airo Brands

Airo Brands is revolutionizing the inhalation experience in the cannabis and CBD wellness industries. We develop and supply the technology, formulation, science, and go-to-market strategy to our carefully selected partners on a state-by-state basis without actually touching cannabis. As a result, Airo Brands is compliant on a State and Federal level and still can ensure the most consistent and best product in any geography where Airo products are sold. Our revolutionary, proprietary vaporizer and innovative ceramic atomizer cartridge technologies allow consumers to experience the best cannabis and CBD oils through its patented, closed system. A smooth, easy draw that vibrates discreetly for intake gauging -- no buttons, no lights -- to let you know it is working while delivering three times the performance of our nearest competitor. Our extensive selection of strains and artisanal blends have been crafted to feature a unique aroma, taste, and experience. Airo Brands’ is rigorously tested, only uses 100% natural and carefully curated ingredients, and is only available through authorized retailers in any of the 14 markets and counting in which we currently operate.

About The Position

Seeking a Full Time Director of Global Sourcing & Business Development to join our team in a rapidly growing industry. This individual would be responsible for heading up cannabis science, sourcing, and partner management.

Position Title: Director of Global Sourcing & Business Development
Sub-Function: Operations
Employment Type: Full Time
Positions Available In: Federal Heights, Colorado

The position will have the following responsibilities:
  • Head up cannabis science, sourcing, and partner management
  • Provide nationwide support of new cannabis derived product lines
  • Identify sources and sourcing of products
  • Provide support of our manufacturing partners operations, extraction and refinement capabilities
  • Head up our CBD operations, manufacturing and product development
  • Provide support for day to day operations at Airo
  • Supply management with reports on industry needs, problems, interests, competitive activities, and potential for new products and services
  • Keep abreast of best practices and industry trends
Expectations and qualifications:
  • Ideally 5+ years’ experience in Cannabis industry operations, with a background in extraction and cannabis science
  • Leadership that inspires and empowers others
  • Aware of the latest market trends and shifts
  • Ability to prioritize high-value tasks 
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • Driven and committed to success while maintaining integrity
  • Willing to travel/drive - once per month
  • Bachelor’s degree a plus
Federal Heights, CO
Function Details
  • Reports To Chief Operating Officer