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Posted September 19th


Sonoma, CA

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Posted September 19th


Sonoma, CA




Senior Level


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About The Position
Wine & Spirits Production!
JOB TITLE: Production Manager 
JOB DESCRIPTION: The Production Manager is responsible for the overall planning, coordination and control of the manufacturing process. He / She will ensure that goods and services are produced efficiently and that the correct amount is produced at the right cost and level of quality.
●      Ensure that all products are made and packaged according to company Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and conform to customer or company specifications. 
●      Overseeing the production process from start to finish.
●      Drawing up a production schedule and plan that will result in the most efficient
        production of the product.
●      Ensuring that the production is cost effective.
●      Ensuring that products are produced on time and are of excellent quality.
●      Managing the material resources when necessary.
●      Drafting a timescale for the job. 
●      Estimating costs and setting the quality standards for each product.
●      Ability to draft, analyze and interpret general and financial business reports and projections. Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals.
●      Monitoring the production processes and adjusting schedules as needed.
●      Responsible for the selection and maintenance of equipment (current in office and future facility).
●      Monitoring product standards and implementing quality-control programs along with the QA/QC team.
●      Liaising among different departments, e.g., suppliers, managers, sales, accounting and purchasing.
●      Working with managers to implement the company's policies and goals.
●      Ensuring that health and safety guidelines are followed throughout the production process according to the HACCP plan.
●      Ensure that all labeling is in accordance with FDA rules as well as all other requirements on a global level. 
●      Supervising and motivating a team of workers, including reviewing worker performance and identifying training needs (future).
●      Assist in development of new products and line extensions as well as procurement of such products through existing supplier relationships or other new relationships.

●      Bachelor’s degree required (Engineering or Science Degree preferred). 
●      5-7 years of experience with a wine or spirits manufacturing company. 
●      Ability to plan and execute a future buildout of bottling line and possible craft distillery.
●      Outstanding leadership and people skills.
●      Excellent organizational and project management skills.        
●      Meets deadlines effectively and on budget.
●      English & Spanish speaking preferred.
●      Willing to traveling extensively as required to oversee production.
●      Position is based in Sonoma, California.

Named after old fire service badges from the Sebastiani family, 3 Badge Beverage Corporation is built upon a philosophy of commitment and craftsmanship. The company is led by 4th-generation vintner, August Sebastiani out of an old fire station in Sonoma, California - the very same station his grandfather helped build and where his father volunteered. With its strong portfolio of award-winning beverages, the company is positioned to be a leader in multiple categories of the Wine & Craft Spirits business.

Function Details
  • Reports To Chief Operating Officer