Position Open - Posted Friday, June 22nd 2018

Sales Representative

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Quick Facts

  • Employment Type: Contract
  • Home or Centralized Office: Centralized
  • Reports to: Vice President of Sales
  • Number of Reports: 1-2

About The Position

VP of sales will pitch local grocery stores, specialty food markets and shops, restaurants, cafes, etc. to sell Golden State Pickle Works.  You will sample products with a variety of buyers, and discuss how to get our product on their shelves, menus, etc.  

Core Qualifications
  • Excellent salesmanship and ability to close a deal
  • In-depth knowledge of the food and beverage industry
  • Understanding of nutrition and the basic benefits of our specific foods
  • Available to travel when necessary and work nights or weekends if needed
  • Acceptable mathematics skills needed to perform calculations and give estimates
  • Capable of working independently¬†
  • Thorough in all account paperwork and recordkeeping
Food Sales Representative Experience
  • Visit local grocery stores and food distributors to arrange for product dispersal
  • Communicate with current clients to discuss amount of sales customer satisfaction and future contracts
  • Travel to stores and food expos to set up a booth providing samples and information for new products
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