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Posted March 16th


Charlotte, NC


The company chose to remain anonymous

Posted March 16th


Charlotte, NC




Executive Level




Full Time

About The Position

Hello trailblazer :-) A Fortune 500 Food Business leader is seeking a President to help take the business to the next level. The candidate needs to be strategic, detail-oriented, a leader of people, and must have the ability to hold their team and franchise partners accountable to results. The President needs to fully understand brand standards and how to run successful and efficient operations. The President must have a comprehensive understanding of field support department, in-store operations, retail technology, and marketing concepts. This person needs to have a deep understanding of unit level economics including the profit and loss statement, budgeting for the business, and finance in general. Knowledge of the store development process and the ability to work with the Development team to sell new locations and support new store launches is vital to the success of this role and the company at large.

  • Act as the figurative head of the organization when communicating with stockholders, government entities and the general public.
  • Lead the development of the organization’s long- and short-term strategies.
  • Manage overall operations and make major decisions affecting the organization.
  • Manage the organization’s resources.
  • Negotiate or approve agreements and contracts for the organization.
  • Manage company organizational structure.
  • Communicate with the board of directors.
  • Assess and minimize risks to the company.
  • Set strategic goals.
  • Provide company-wide leadership.
  • Identify and address companywide problems.
  • Develop and uphold the company’s culture and mission/vision.
  • Implement strategic plans by working with senior stakeholders.
  • Evaluate and track the success of the company in reaching its goals.
  • Meet monthly and annual revenue goals
  • Meet monthly and annual behavioral sales objectives
  • Build and maintain relationships with franchise partners 
  • B2C marketing 
  • Work cross departmentally with leaders to drive results.
  • Facilitate and guide company operations to ensure company goals are met.
  • This can involve building business relationships, managing financial details, communicating with shareholders and determining what metrics to use to measure success.

  • Communication skills to persuasively and clearly discuss issues and negotiating with direct subordinates while explaining their decisions and policies to those both outside and within the organization
  • Decision-making skills when managing an organization and establishing policies while assessing various options and selecting the best course of action
  • Leadership skills for leading an organization and coordinating resources, policies and employees
  • Management experience and skills to direct and shape an organization’s operations including managing budgets, business plans and employees 
  • Problem-solving skills for identifying and resolving organizational issues, recognizing shortcomings and carrying out solutions
  • Time-management skills for completing multiple tasks at the same time and usually under their own direction to make sure that they get their work done and meet goals 
  • Experience in Franchising, Food Franchising preferable
  • Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in business administration

More Location Info
  • Employer-sponsored relocation
Function Details
  • Reports To 2
  • Direct Reports 4-6