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Posted September 9th

Operations Specialist

New York, NY


The company chose to remain anonymous

Posted September 9th

Operations Specialist







40k-60k DOE


Full Time

About The Position
A well-funded and fast growth kava beverage company is seeking an operations specialist to work under COO to oversee productions, manage distributors, and work with our 3PL partners.
The Operations Specialist will be working directly under the COO of Leilo, a fast-growing kava relaxation beverage company. We are searching for a person who is a self-starter capable of solving unique problems with the tools Leilo will help develop.

This role requires experience with all areas of operations: production, 3PL, distribution, and inventory. 
We will be working with manufacturers, national 3PL partners, multiple distributors, vendors and suppliers, and a plethora of other internal departments. This position demands responsiveness, critical thinking, and excellent communication.

The team is made of people who exude these skills and who have risen throughout the company, creating its success and becoming equity holders. This is a unique experience to learn how quickly a well-funded project with a great product at the right time can grow.

We are moving into the national spotlight and need someone capable of supporting the COO with this growth.
Function Details
  • Reports To COO
  • Direct Reports 3