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Posted December 13th

Operations Manager

Kansas City, MO


The company chose to remain anonymous

Posted December 13th

Operations Manager








About The Position
Operations Manager will be responsible for creating and streamlining procedures for our high growth clients.  Operations Manager is expected to be a creative problem solver with the initiative to both leverage existing and design new systems as they see the need. The position will require relentless prioritization and data-driven decision-making to ensure our clients' operations are working towards the right goals and have the tools, processes and strategy required to achieve them.

As Operations Manager you will:

  • Oversee 3PL partner and performance including management function of inbound freight, distribution, warehousing, inventory management, order fulfillment, and outbound freight to customers
  • Track inventory, including finished goods and raw materials, across all warehouses including Amazon, 3PL warehouses, and internal warehouses
  • Update the production schedule with copacking, and restock dates, and create a plan to execute
  • Gather necessary information to create purchase orders and send to vendors in a timely manner 
  • Update monthly revenue, product health, and trend reports
  • Implement and manage new software as needed
  • Consult on new product conceptualization and formulation
  • Work closely with the founder to establish strategic plans, future roadmaps, and operating plans. 

You will bring:

  • Experience directing Operations in-house at a CPG, supplement, food, beverage, or beauty company
  • Experience managing multiple projects in a remote and multi-time zone environment
  • Strong demonstrated leadership and project management skills
  • A track record of success ushering new consumer products from manufacturing to market
  • Experience managing key processes of CPG product development and manufacturing, such as ingredient procurement, co-packing and co-manufacturing, supply chains, third-party logistics, quality assurance, third-party certifications, and inventory management
  • Excellent financial and analytical skills that enable accurate forecasting of inventories, budgets, and cash flow


  • 3+ years in an Operations role
  • Experience in the CPG space is preferred
  • Experience with ShipStation preferred
  • Experience with WooCommerce preferred
  • Strong proficiency with Google Suite including Calendar, Sheets, Docs, and Forms

Function Details
  • Reports To President